Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor'

Yang MiApr 28, 2022 at 22:04

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The sudden departure of the male star "The Condor Heroes" in 1983 caused Hong Kong entertainment to lose a multi-talented artist.

On the afternoon of April 27, it was reported that veteran actor Tang Giang suddenly died at the hotel while in the process of carrying out the isolation process when he returned from Singapore to Hong Kong. 87 years old.

The cause of actor Tang Giang's d.eath is still unknown, but the authorities are still working to find the cause.

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 1

The sudden departure of veteran actor Tang Giang has left family, friends, colleagues and the audience quite shocked and heartbroken. Even many famous artists of the fragrant Port still do not believe that Tang Giang's d.eath is true.

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 2

After learning of Tang Giang's d.eath, Nham Dat Hoa was very shocked and heartbroken, in his eyes Tang Giang was a very respectable brother. Despite his age, the veteran actor still works hard in the entertainment industry, and this attitude will always be respected.

Nham Dat Hoa wrote: "Just received the terrible news, shocked and saddened. He is a senior that I greatly respect, and a senior who will always shine in the entertainment industry. He will always be loved. respect and miss. Tang Giang, go in peace."

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 3

In the movie Thiet Thi Phong Van 3, Tang Giang and Diep Tuyen had the opportunity to play the role of father and daughter. This is also the film that helped actor Zeng Jiang win the Hong Kong Film A.ward for Best Supporting Actor. After Tang Giang's sudden d.eath, Diep Tuyen directly called Tang Giang his father in his condolence post: "Goodbye dad, I will always miss you."

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 4

Co Thien Lac who also collaborated with Tang Giang in the movie "Thiet hearing Phong Van" was also very sad when he heard that actor Tang Giang had passed away, he couldn't believe that his senior was really gone, he felt very sad and sorry for his sudden d.eath. Even the actor has not yet faced the bad news.

Actress "Tan Hong Lau Mong" Chiang Mong Tiep, who also played the role of Tang Giang's daughter, was also quite shocked when she heard the sad news. The actress left a brief message to pay tribute to the veteran actor: " I will never forget what I learned while collaborating with father and daughter. Hope you go all the way. road"

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 5

Tran Tu Thanh who once invited Tang Jiang in the movie "Detective Chinatown 2", in this film, Tang Jiang also played a rich and powerful man he gave an excellent role.

After learning that Tang Giang had passed away, Tran Tu Thanh passed on related news and said goodbye to his seniors. Tran Tu Thanh wrote: "Hopefully in the next life, we will continue to meet again in the world of light, darkness and dreams."

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 6

Phuong Trung Tin also wrote only a few simple words, but it contained a lot of sadness: " Mr. Tang Giang, I hope you have a good journey. I will always remember you."

Actor Hoang An believes that senior Tang Giang is one of the actors he admires the most. As a veteran actor of Hong Kong, his role as Hoang Medicine Master in "The Condor Heroes" is a "marshal", no one can beat him.

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 7

Actor Ma Ke once collaborated with Zeng Jiang in the drama "Love of Aurora" in 2016. At that time, Zeng Jiang was almost 80 years old, but he was still very serious about his work, and he would memorize it. his lines a day before.

When asked why he doesn't rest at home and go out to work hard, Tang Giang replied that he enjoyed the feeling of acting and enjoyed getting along with all the staff.

Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor' - Photo 8

"In 2016, I was fortunate to work with Mr. Tang Giang. Mr. Giang is 80 years old, very serious with his lines. I curiously asked him, why don't you take a break and work hard to play the film? He said that I can't stay at home, I like the feeling of acting and like to get along with all the staff. His words are still fresh in my memory. Now I hear the bad news. I hope he can continue to be in heaven enjoying his passion for filming. Good luck in heaven," Ma wrote.

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