Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood

Lan ChiJun 07, 2024 at 15:26

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For the first time becoming a mother at the age of U40 by IVF, actor Thanh Truc suddenly received bad news. She burst into tears and shared that her pregnancy had placenta previa, which she was warned could be in serious health danger

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 1

Previously, in January 2024, the actress "The Dust of Cho Lon" announced that she had been promoted, by IVF - in vitro fertilization. During her pregnancy, Thanh Truc often shared her experience and journey of being pregnant with her first daughter on social networking platforms.

Most recently, the actress confused the public, when she updated the "alarming" situation in her pregnancy journey. Specifically, Thanh Truc burst into tears, revealing that the fetus had a placenta previa. Although all indicators are stable from the beginning of pregnancy to about 12 weeks, everything is going normally.

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 2

However, an unfortunate thing happened to the actress, she choked up and said: "By the 15th week, this is a milestone that brings me a lot of emotions. When the doctor examined the circumference of the head and the length of the femur of the fetus, the doctor said that the b.aby seemed tall due to the long femur. The fetus is very normal, but a lightning strike is that the b.aby has placenta previa. This is a serious problem because it can affect the development of the fetus and also the health of the mother."

According to the doctor, placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta attaches to the lower part of the uterus and cervix, partially covering or covering the cervix, obstructing the path of the fetus during labor. For a normal pregnancy, the placenta will attach to the front or back of the bottom of the uterus.

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 3

So when suffering from placenta previa, it will affect both mother and b.aby. For pregnant women, if not intervened in time, it will affect their lives. For the fetus, it will lead to malnutrition, fetal failure, premature babies born due to precursors are prone to respiratory failure, the most dangerous can be the loss of the fetus.

Thanh Truc's sharing made many people sad. Many people expressed sympathy and sent peace wishes to actor Thanh Truc. Thankfully, she has now overcome that dangerous time and is in the final stages of pregnancy.

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 4

According to some sources, the actress was born in 1986, before becoming pregnant with her current daughter, she had experienced 04 failed fertilizations. Because Thanh Truc has polycystic ovaries, it is difficult to conceive. After the embryo filtration process, she only had a small number left, so she had successive failures in embryo transfers.

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 5

She choked up and shared, "I have a comfortable mentality, but the first time I transferred embryos, I failed. I tried again a second time but still failed. I was determined to ask the doctor to stimulate the egg to create an embryo. And then I got the result the third time and failed. When I moved for the fourth time, I wished for luck but couldn't.

A total of four times all." And it was not until the fifth time that fate smiled at Thanh Truc. She successfully transferred embryos, pregnant with her first daughter.

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 6

After 21 years of artistic activities, actor Thanh Truc chose to retire at the age of 37 to take care of her family, especially giving birth. It is known that the actress, who is married but does not want to r.eveal the identity of her partner, said that the other party lives responsibly and deserves her sacrifice for many years. According to Thanh Truc, the decision to temporarily retire came from her wishes. After many years of rolling in the profession, the actress now wants to spend time on her own life. Up to now, Thanh Truc is in the last month of pregnancy and she has just taken a photo to celebrate the 7th month of pregnancy with her best friend Kha Ly.

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 7

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 8

During a year of "hiding", Thanh Truc limited her exposure on social networks. At the same time, Thanh Truc also repeatedly refused to appear in front of the media. The beauty was honored in the list of nominations for Best TV Actress of the 2024 Blue Star Awards. However, she refused to attend the event, only sending congratulations on her personal page.

Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood - Photo 9

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