Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien

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Dilraba fans are very unhappy when they hear that their idol is likely to collaborate with Chen Zheyuan. Is it because of the recent noise of "Tien Kiem 4"?

Recently, on the social network Weibo suddenly appeared information that Dilraba Dilmurat and Tran Triet Vien will participate in the TV series "Dat Xanh Sinh Cu" (another name: Kieu Khoi Thanh Nhuong). This is a work adapted from the novel by author Vi Ngu, with urban and mystical themes, and is expected to start filming in March 2024.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 1

It is known that a while ago, the movie had planned the "Xinjiang beauty" to be the female lead, but up to now it has not been able to start filming, due to not finding a suitable male lead and Tran Triet Vien is said to be the latest choice of the film. crew.

However, Dilraba fans don't seem to be very satisfied with this rumored co-star of their idol. The evidence is that after the above information was widely spread, some big fans continuously posted protest posts and tagged the producer, Tencent and the flower g.irl's studio, asking to change the male lead.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 2

The explanation for this objection is because fans of "Xinjiang beauty" believe that Tran Triet Vien has a b.aby face that does not suit the audience's tastes. In addition, the ages of the male and female leads in the original work are not different, but the crew chose actors with different ages, which will lose the audience's sympathy.

In addition, Dilraba fans also expressed their opinion that the "new generation male god"'s acting and lyrics were not convincing enough, and did not want the little flower g.irl to have to "carry the whole movie alone".

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 3

The scandalous incident of Tran Triet Vien changing positions with Cuc Tinh Y when co-starring in "Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 4" is also said to be the cause of concern for fans of the "Xinjiang beauty".

Therefore, the wish of the fan community is that before the movie officially starts filming, the producers can respect their opinions and choose actors carefully and suitable for the project.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 4

However, some netizens believe that if fans continue to be "picky" and protest forever, the only person who will suffer will be Dilraba Dilmurat. Because the movie cannot start filming for a long time, it will have a significant impact on the actress's career.

Furthermore, the "Xinjiang beauty" herself is not good at acting, is always criticized, and has no "hit" movies; Popularity is also based solely on traffic and beauty, and has lagged a lot compared to peers. If by now, she doesn't quickly have a successful work, she will soon be forgotten.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 5

Ignoring the issue of acting, a few days ago, social networks spread the "expensive" moment of Dilraba Dilmurat when caught in the lens of China Art Newspaper. It is known that this is a picture of the actress sitting in the audience of the program "Hundreds of Flowers Welcome Spring".

Notably, the moment the "Xinjiang beauty" showed off her divine profile with her eye-catching high nose bridge also made people admire and praise her. According to many people, this beauty of the little flower g.irl is as beautiful as a scene in a movie.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 6

Dilraba Dilraba was born in 1992, full name is Dilraba Dilraba - Dilraba Dilmurat, is a Chinese actress and model. Coming from an artistic family, from a young age she learned dance, piano and violin.

In 2014, this beauty graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy with the performance department. After graduating, she received the attention of the audience after participating in the popular fairy tale historical drama "Co Kiem Ky Dam".

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 7

With her "unique" beauty and her own efforts, Dilraba suddenly became one of the top-selling actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry.

In 2023, "Xinjiang beauties" continuously appear on the small screen with films of all genres, from modern to historical such as: Cong To or An Lac Truyen. However, her acting and styling in these works are still not highly appreciated.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien - Photo 8

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