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Dilraba Dilmurat was usurped in beauty by her seniors, and her rival's identity made her shy

Kim Oanh16:12:26 18/07/2024
While appearing on the red carpet, the appearance of Moka Phuong Vien - wife of Hong Kong's Heavenly King Quach Phu Thanh was considered superior to Xinjiang's beauty in terms of skin and golden face ratio.

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Bach Nhat De Dang: Dich Le Nhiet has a relationship with "Cbiz crown prince" who has a very powerful family background

Bảo Yến15:50:02 26/06/2024
On social networks, there was information about Dilraba Dilmurat being tailor-made for the female lead role. Up to now, the film crew has officially confirmed that the Xinjiang beauty will participate in the project, so her fate is Cbiz crown prince Tran Phi Vu.

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Dilraba created a storm when she caught the "Tom cat girlfriend" trend, her beauty went c.razy

Kim Lâm14:52:17 14/04/2024
Dilraba Dilmurat is currently a famous beauty in the Chinese entertainment industry. Recently, people went c.razy with the image of a Xinjiang beauty trending as Tom's cat girlfriend, which is h.ot on social networks.

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Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail

Bảo Nam16:14:43 14/03/2024
On the occasion of the recent Lunar New Year, Xinjiang beauty Dilraba Dilmurat performed a graceful and attractive national dance performance that took the Chinese internet by storm, with more than 300,000 views at the Xuan Van Gala.

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Dilraba Dilmurat wears a wedding dress after a series of dating news, is the groom Hoang Canh Du?

Nguyễn Kim15:28:50 21/02/2024
Entering 2024, Dilraba has shown a strong comeback, proving her top level of traffic, making many female stars wary. Recently, a series of photos wearing wedding dresses of Xinjiang beauties caused a storm on the internet.

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Dilraba Dilmurat despite being opposed by fans, still got married to Tran Triet Vien

Nguyễn Tuyết16:21:05 20/02/2024
There is a source saying that Dilraba Dilmurat will still co-star with Tran Triet Vien in the project Kieu Khoi Thanh Nhuong, the filming schedule of the film has also made fans of the little flower g.irl excited.

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Gia Nai: Xinjiang beauty was supported by Liu Yifei, "crushing" Trieu Lo Tu

Hướng Dương11:38:48 29/01/2024
Gia Nai is known as an extremely new factor in the Chinese entertainment industry. She possesses youthful beauty and beauty that makes a deep impression on people at first sight.

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Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien

Hướng Dương11:03:58 23/01/2024
Dilraba fans are very unhappy when they hear that their idol is likely to collaborate with Chen Zheyuan. Is it because of the recent noise of Tien Kiem 4?

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Dilraba Dilmurat was accused of wanting to be the center, creating a trait that was so distracting that it was difficult to accept

Hướng Dương11:56:45 14/01/2024
Dilraba Dilmurat is participating in the reality show Hoa Ty De with a cast of famous Cbiz artists. Netizens have compiled a number of moments when she acted in a way that was considered embarrassing in front of the camera.

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Dilraba Dilmurat cooperated with Jennie (BLACKPINK), Trieu Lo Tu became an internet phenomenon

Bình Minh16:02:19 28/12/2023
After hearing the news that Xinjiang beauty Dilraba Dilmurat cooperated in filming a movie with Jennie (BLACKPINK), netizens were restless; because both are beauties with outstanding visuals.

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Dilraba Dilmurat "removed" her "queen" image after the incident of being "shamed" on the red carpet

Tiểu Trúc14:33:09 24/11/2023
Recently, at a fashion event, Dilraba caused a stir when she appeared in a tight yellow dress, cleverly showing off her perfect curves. Many viewers believe that she is determined to remove the image of the queen after the previous incident of being humiliated on the red carpet.

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Co Luc Na Trat is enchantingly beautiful in the design of the Vietnamese brand, a series of beauties have to be outdone

Phương Thảo10:28:32 24/11/2023
At the red carpet event of Vogue magazine taking place on November 23, Co Luc Na Trat appeared like a big star when wearing a wedding dress design from Vietnam. That night, the beauty dominated the Weibo h.ot search with 6.9 million searches.

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Thermal Y Trat: The Xinjiang beauty was depressed because of being taken advantage of by her boyfriend and the pressure of being a single mother

Kim Lâm16:10:30 17/11/2023
Compared to the gentle and sweet beauty of other Xinjiang beauties, Thermal Y Trat has a unique, generous but no less seductive beauty. In addition, the acting of this Xinjiang beauty also impressed and received the love of the audience.

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Dilraba Dilmurat was accused of "plagiarizing" Trieu Lo Tu's style, a female star blatantly stealing the spotlight

Nguyễn Tuyết16:43:23 14/11/2023
Famous for her elegant, classy, and elegant dressing sense, Xinjiang beauty Dich Le Nhiet Ba still cannot avoid being compared to Trieu Lo Tu when it comes to style.

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Dilraba Dilmurat gets married to Tran Triet Vien in a new project, fans of both families are excited?

Bình Minh07:11:46 14/11/2023
Netizens and fans were just restless when they learned that Xinjiang beauties Dilraba Dilmurat and Tran Triet Vien were about to collaborate on a new film project.

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Dilraba shows off her top foreign language skills on television, making up for her "disastrous" acting.

Thanh Anh08:27:31 12/11/2023
Recently, Dilraba has made people c.razy and admired with her foreign language skills when participating in a Chinese reality TV show.

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Dilraba's tragic "fall" is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level

Gia Hoàng19:01:24 31/10/2023
Despite being laughed at as one of the top ranks but continuously slipping, Dilraba Dilmurat recently surprised netizens by still being able to prove that it is difficult for any beauty to surpass her.

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Dilraba Dilmurat surpassed BLACKPINK on the world beauty rankings, but still lost to this beauty

Tuyết Ngọc18:33:36 20/10/2023
The ranking of the most beautiful beauties in the world 2023 is getting hotter than ever when Dilraba Dilmurat has a tense confrontation with three female idols of BLACKPINK, Lisa, Rosé and Jennie.

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Cbiz star was "exposed" by Paparazzi's true personality, how top Zheng Shuang acted without being exposed

An Tư16:21:36 21/08/2023
In any country, showbiz is always an extremely complex and unpredictable place. It is a fact that many artists have given themselves a perfect cover - building their image to match public expectations, however their true personalities are contrary to ...

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Zhao Lu Xiu asked to be a lady like Zhu Li Chenbo, resulting in a sentence of "green"

Hướng Dương11:12:47 17/08/2023
Once considered the star of Enemy Li Heatbo, recently, Zhao Luotu decided to try his hand at the same trendy style as his older sister, when he appeared on the cover of the magazine but received mixed reviews.

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He was suddenly called a "clone" of Angelababy, giving a compelling reason?

Hướng Dương17:06:42 13/08/2023
Since An Lac Story was officially aired, the name of Enemy Le Heat Ba began to receive a lot of attention from the online community. Recently, the Xinjiang beauty was also suddenly placed next to Angelababy.

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Dich Le Nhiet Ba was constantly drowned by his inferior juniors, officially out of time?

Snow13:55:21 29/07/2023
No one is a stranger, the beauty of Tan Cuong Dich Le Nhiet Ba is overshadowed by the woman in An Lac Truyen. This is not the first time, this actress overwhelmed her senior, making fans extremely angry.

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Dich Le Nhiet Ba blamed it on her good looks, so the movie was bad, netizens were shocked with the statement 'going underground'

T.T10:51:20 17/06/2023
Dich Le Nhiet Ba's newly released elite prosecutor film hit the bottom of the rating, causing public attention. The beauty of Xinjiang shows the actress's limitations in acting and choosing the right script.

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Dilraba is like a 'moving s.keleton', constantly obsessing over his weight, the audience is afraid of the negative

M.A13:42:15 12/06/2023
Dich Le Nhiet Ba attracted attention on the red carpet thanks to her beautiful beauty, but the weight of the actress is decreasing at an alarming rate. Many people believe that Xinjiang beauties are propagating the trend of toxic butterfly wings.

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