Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed

YayaDec 27, 2021 at 15:34

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By appointment again, the Chinese-language media recently listed the order of the names voted as "The Four Great Beauties of Xinjiang" this year.

Xinjiang always has many beautiful beauties, such as Dong Le A, Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Co Luc Na Trat, Tuong Han, Tu Dai, etc. However, recently the Chinese-language media has selected them." Four great beauties of Xinjiang" 2021 in the list of beauties from this ethnic minority region. And they all look very beautiful and deserving of this title.

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 1

Let's take a look, how this year's "Four beauties of Xinjiang" 2021 will be reformed.

Dilraba Dilra is one of the Little Flowers after 90 and has a very good development, and reputation and resources are also good. Everyone who is familiar with Dilraba Dilra knows that the actress also has another nickname, "Bao Ba" because she is a fan of food.

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 2

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is known for becoming a female artist under Duong Mich. Dich Le Nhiet Ba is best known to the audience after her role as Phuong Cuu in Tam Sinh Tam The Thirty Ly Peach Blossom . After that, she appeared in many dramas such as Diamond Lover, Song of Songs, You are my pride,... and has countless fans all over Asia.

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 3

From the beauty, strength and status of Dilra 3, all deserve to be ranked first in the list of "Four great beauties of Xinjiang."

After Dich Le Nhiet Ba is Co Luc Na Trat, also nicknamed the "photo killer" by netizens, to imply that anyone can be "understood" when taking pictures with her. Possessing outstanding height, small face and sharp lines, it is not difficult to understand why female artists are afraid to take pictures with Xinjiang beauties.

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 4

Although she has won the hearts of many people with her amazing looks and goddess aura, her acting skills are a bit inferior, or maybe people have been expecting her from the start. too high.

Co Luc Na Trat is actually a very fickle g.irl, able to be calm and restrained, dignified and generous, but also vibrant, cheerful, playful and cute. Even in the same movie, she was able to portray her roles vividly and edgy. In the fantasy film Trach Thien Ky , Co Luc Na Trat helped the role of the temperamental Tu Huu Dung in a white outfit or a ghost in a purple outfit.

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 5

From her time as a student to the later Tieu Hoa Dan, Co Luc Na Trat has never disappointed those who love her. But with acting, many people hope that the actress born in 1992 can improve her acting day by day.

Mai Di Na may not be as famous as other female stars, but the career of the actress born in 1987 is still smooth sailing. Not only that, Mai Dich Na is a famous beauty of the land of Xinjiang when she possesses smooth skin, a high nose bridge and a hybrid beauty like a princess in a fairy tale.

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 6

Also because of the special and strange beauty of Dich Manh Na always makes it difficult for her to find the right script. With her beauty and acting ability, many people still believe that Mai Dich Na can shine if she chooses the right script. Therefore, she is ranked third in the list of "The Four Great Beauties of Xinjiang".

The last person in the group of "The Four Great Beauties of Xinjiang" is Dong Le A. It can be said that Dong Le A is the first famous Xinjiang actress, and although she has a very beautiful beauty, she possesses a different beauty than the first three.

Dong Le A has surprised everyone since her debut, she always shows the audience that she is a woman who always lives in the limelight with typical works. She is also one of the most powerful "Four beauties of Xinjiang".

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 7

But her love life was not very smooth, after becoming famous, she married Tran Tu Thanh, unexpectedly met a scum who made her fall to the bottom of the cliff for a while, fortunately now she has break out of a life filled with tears. Dong Le Ya is an actress who can play many different roles, she will not be limited by any role. Even as a mother of one c.hild, Dong Le A's beauty is increasing day by day.

Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed - Photo 8

However, no one can maintain their position forever, moreover, Xinjiang has countless beauties, the beautiful Xinjiang beautiful woman Cap Ni Khac Tu has just been sung and is also beautiful. Let's see whose position she will replace in the future and become one of the "Four Great Beauties" of Xinjiang "?

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