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Chinese artists were shunned and shunned at Cannes just because they worried about posing for too long

Phi Đức15:36:39 16/05/2024
This year's Cannes red carpet featured many famous artists from billions of people. However, there is still no name that really stands out when attending this Opening Ceremony. However, there was no controversy when Chinese artists received a cold attitude from the organizers.

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Luu Khai Uy's father was upset when his granddaughter was praised as beautiful as Duong Mich, forbidden to meet his mother?

Ning Jing14:59:58 22/07/2023
Instead of protecting and hiding her niece, from Luu Khai Uy to the veteran actor, every time she appeared, her niece Tieu Gao Nep was mentioned and appeared all over the newspaper with her relatives.

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Luu Nha Sat, Huynh Xiaoming and the stars said the last thing to Coco Lee when the Diva died

Yaya13:55:09 06/07/2023
Coco Lee's departure is probably a great loss for the Chinese music industry as well as the world because when it comes to her, no one knows the abilities and messages she conveys through the song. , through voice.

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Trieu Le Dinh is out of time to get to the top of hotsearch, has to constantly close session 2, fans are noisy and refuse?

Gia16:46:31 10/06/2023
The fact that Trieu Le Dinh continuously received session 2 for other male stars caused controversy in the Chinese online community. This makes many netizens doubt whether the little flower is gradually regressing?

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The powerful man is intimate with the "billionaire fairy" Liu Yifei, close to the beauty Lisa

M.A15:40:21 02/06/2023
Recently, 4 popular beauties have been invited to attend a global Bvlgari event in which the most prominent is Liu Yifei and the most beautiful beauty in the world in 2021 Lisa (BLACKPINK). And there is a powerful man seen posing for an intimate photo with these perfect pink...

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"Golden screenwriter" Vu Chinh scolded the whole Cbiz, criticized the old Chau Tan, accused Lam Tam Nhu of stealing and the ending was bitter.

Hoàng Phúc15:36:30 11/08/2022
It is his sour nature and ability to open his mouth to scold anyone that Vu Chinh has become a common enemy of Chinese language. Not only was he criticized by netizens, he was also isolated and despised by many colleagues including actors, producers, directors, screenwriters. To...

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Ton Di, Trieu Le Dinh and the noisy 'fading' love affairs Cbiz

Nắng15:13:42 10/08/2022
In addition to Ton Di - Dong Tu Kien, the audience has witnessed a series of divorces that shook the media such as Trinh Sang - Truong Hang, Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong, Dong Le A - Tran Tu Thanh, Tu Hy Vien - Uong Tieu Phi, Ly Dan - Hac Vi Tuong, Tieu An Tuan - Lam...

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Dong Le A came out to support her ex-husband despite being cheated on and cheated on

Hoàng Anh17:08:45 15/07/2022
Despite the noise that led to the divorce, Dong Le A - Tran Tu Thanh are still a rare couple in the Chinese entertainment industry who keep a good relationship after the divorce. Chinese media reported that Tran Tu Thanh recently held a press conference to launch the movie...

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Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang

Hoàng Anh21:05:43 16/06/2022
The land of Xinjiang is famous for being the birthplace of many famous Chinese beauties. The most typical thing to mention is Dich Le Nhiet Ba. With a delicate face, big deep eyes, and a high nose bridge like a hybrid, Dilraba is known by fans as "Snow Flower Xinjiang". However...

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After the divorce, Dong Le A happily dated her ex-husband Tran Tu Thanh

Yang Mi09:22:28 17/05/2022
The image of Dong Le A happily and intimately next to her ex-husband Tran Tu Thanh made many people curious about the two's current relationship after announcing their separation in 2021. "Goddess of Xinjiang" Dong Le A and director Tran Tu Thanh officially announced their...

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Dong Le A - The most beautiful beauty in Xinjiang in history has lost her beauty, being criticized as ugly as U50

An Nhi14:16:53 08/03/2022
Many viewers couldn't help but panic when they saw Dong Le A's image of "saw horns as a calves". Not every beauty can boldly play all kinds of roles without fear of being "dumped", on the contrary, it is easy to become a target of "brick" by shocking beauty stunts. A beauty in...

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Dong Le A - Dong Tuyen: Two beauties have the same appearance as the fate of being cuckold

Thuý Minh15:25:58 04/03/2022
Belonging to the beauties, the dreamer of many boys, but unexpectedly, the lives of Dong Tuyen and Dong Le A shared the same fate of "red face with a silver face". In the Chinese-language entertainment industry, names that are not related by b.lood but are similar to two sisters...

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Duong Mich deliberately avoided Duong Yen at the event, Trieu Le Dinh was isolated by a small Chinese group?

An Nhi21:59:07 24/02/2022
The series of "bow fighting" moments of the Chinese beauties at the Weibo Night 2021 event were suddenly dug up and became a topic of discussion on social networks. One of the hottest events in Cbiz at the beginning of the year is Weibo Night. It can be said that this event...

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Dong Le A was criticized for being inferior to Angelababy, and Dong Dao was controversial when he reached the top of the "Four Great Thanh Y"

Yang Mi07:51:51 15/01/2022
In addition to beauty, four famous Chinese beauties were recently voted as the new four great doctors of Cbiz. About this ranking is receiving much attention. The Thanh y school is roughly understood to talk about stars with good acting who follow the path of drama dramas...

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Angela B.aby and the Cbiz beauties show their poor legs, look at Trinh Sang and panic

An Nhi22:28:33 14/01/2022
Although they all possess the beauty of thousands of people, these Chinese beauties still have beauty defects that they want to hide. The Chinese-language entertainment village has no shortage of beauties of the country and the sky, each with a unique look. However, it is...

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Dong Le A responds to rumors of being an official mistress, arresting 3 whistleblowers to pay a high price

Như Ý17:25:47 30/12/2021
Recently, police in Haidian district, Beijing announced that they had just arrested three suspects for spreading false rumors about Dong Leya. At the investigating agency, these three people admitted that they had fabricated and exaggerated the actress's "concubine" incident...

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Dilra 3 defeated Co Luc Na Trat, 'Four great beauties of Xinjiang' were reformed

Yaya15:34:23 27/12/2021
By appointment again, the Chinese-language media recently listed the order of the names voted as "The Four Great Beauties of Xinjiang" this year. Xinjiang always has many beautiful beauties, such as Dong Le A, Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Co Luc Na Trat, Tuong Han, Tu Dai, etc. However...

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Dong Le A as an official mistress, put Pham Bang Bang and Jia Nai Luong on the cutting board to "cover the scandal"?

Như Ý11:59:12 24/12/2021
2021 is a turbulent year for the Chinese entertainment industry when a series of big names are "shown off" such as Ngo Diep Pham, Trinh Sang, and Trieu Vy. But the "last boss" of the year is an unexpected name - Dong Le A. She caused almost 100% of the audience to fall on social...

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Dong Le A was angry and reported to the police to 'punish' the person who spread rumors about her remarriage, becoming a minor

Yang Mi20:38:00 22/12/2021
After the news that the first beauty of Xinjiang, Dong Le A, remarried to a high-ranking official after only a few months of divorce, Dong Le A filed a police report. In mid-December, Dong Le Ya received good news when she was appointed Deputy Director of the new Culture and...

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Dong Le A remarried to a central official, and her ex-husband's face was extremely h.ot?

Duyên Trần20:04:46 21/12/2021
Recently, Chinese netizens spread information that Dong Le A intends to remarry with a high-ranking official. This caused the media and fans to stir when the actress recently divorced, and coincidentally was also appointed as the new Vice President of the Arts and Culture...

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Luu Duc Hoa, Huynh Xiaoming were said to "live unlike people" and the sad truth behind

Như Ý14:05:00 07/12/2021
Recently, Sina reported that in the show "Director asks for guidance", producer Vuong Tinh, actress Han Tuyet and idol singer Pham Thua Thua discussed the issue of maintaining the b.ody of a Chinese artist, causing netizens noisy. Vuong Tinh revealed that Andy Lau had not eaten...

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'First beauty Xinjiang' Dong Le A self-proclaimed the ugliest in class

Yang Mi09:57:21 02/12/2021
Praised as the national treasure of beauty or the first beauty of Xinjiang, Dong Le A herself claims to be the ugliest in her class, surprising many people. Dong Le A is not a strange name to Asian audiences in many famous films of the Chinese screen such as Dream of Tang...

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Duong Mich 3 times cut beautiful women, Trieu Le Dinh was too "embarrassed"

Hà Hà14:09:43 04/10/2021
Wearing the same outfit, but not all beauties are appreciated for their beauty. Even many times the female lead has a ragged supporting cast. Not only in real life but also on the screen, the "touching" of costumes also happens as usual. When placed on the comparison table, many...

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Duong Mich shows off her slim legs "top of the top" like a teenager in her twenties

Duyên Trần11:05:00 08/09/2021
Duong Mich is one of the most famous stars in the Chinese-language entertainment industry. With many years of experience, Duong Mich has achieved certain successes for himself. Every time he appears, his ex-wife Luu Khai Uy is always the focus of many people because of her...

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