Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune

Vân AnhMay 04, 2024 at 07:22

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Dew Jirawat (real name Jirawat Sutivanichsak, SN 2000) is considered a rising star of the Thai entertainment industry. He has starred in a number of films such as Meteor Garden, Home School ...

Dew's original direction had nothing to do with art. After graduating from Senior High School, Dew attended Srinakharinwirot University. Perhaps because of his academic ability and outstanding appearance, he was chosen as the school's public relations ambassador when he was only in his first year. This is also an opportunity for Dew to become the model and TV series actress she is today.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 1

Possessing a huge height of 1m9, Jirawat Sutivanichsak (Dew Jirawat) first entered the entertainment industry as a fashion model in 2019. Before acting, he participated in many TV shows in Thailand.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 2

In 2021, Jirawat Sutivanichsak made his acting debut in the Thai version of Meteor Garden ( F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers). In the film, the actor plays the supporting male role Ren, who is the heir of Thailand's No. 1 Medical Center. With the advantage of appearance and romantic face, the male beauty 2000 has successfully portrayed the cold, dashing Prince Ren. The "chemistry" between Ren and heroine Gorya played by Tu Tontawan also delighted fans.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 3

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 4

As Dew Jirawat's debut film, however, he did not r.eveal too many acting flaws when playing Ren. The 22-year-old is said to portray the psychological stages of the character well before - after the failed pursuit of Mira's first love Mira (Fah Yongwaree Anilbol), or when confused between friendship with Thyme and feelings for Gorya. However, Dew Jirawat's performance is still considered to be "short of breath" at times in moments of psychological struggle.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 5

After this role, Dew succeeded in getting closer to audiences at home and abroad. His number of followers on Instagram has reached more than 7.6 million, with a lot of fans outside Thailand's borders.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 6

In 2022, Jirawat Sutivanichsak reprised his lead role when he appeared in the film Home school. After that, he took on a number of films: Faceless love, Good old days ...

The film Jirawat Sutivanichsak (Dew Jirawat) belongs to the genre of romance and comedy remade from the Japanese film Rich man, poor woman released in 2012.

With Faceless Love, the film follows Veekit (Dew), a cold, intelligent, rich young CEO. However, he suffers from Prosopagnosia (a brain disorder that causes people to forget faces), which can only distinguish people in the company by name tags.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 7

This caused Veekit a lot of trouble at work. He decides to hire a secretary whose only task is to remember other people's faces for him. Mirin (Kao Supassara), a young g.irl who has the ability to remember everything about the people she has met. She came for an interview as a secretary for Vikij.

However, the strangeness of Mirin's dress and style makes Vikij refuse to hire her from the first meeting. But after Mirin gets angry and asserts his superhuman abilities, Vikij decides to give her a chance. Initially, Mirin saw the job only as an opportunity to m.ake m.oney. The longer Vikij interacts with Mirin, the more he becomes attracted to her.

After the film, Dew was appreciated for his progressive acting, his handsome appearance made a special mark on the audience.

Next is the film "Dear Old Days " made based on 3 novels by author Sa-ark. Good old days tells about 6 items along with 6 different stories. Each story has its own meaning of that old item.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 8

The film offers a realistic and lovely look at the stories of different people but has one thing in common is nostalgia for what was old. For some reason they have lost, or had to discard, old items that contain many memories of their youth.

In the film, Jirawat Sutivanichsak (Dew Jirawat) takes on the role of Nut in the fifth story titled Love Wins. The Dear Old Days won Best Drama Series at the 2023 Asian Academy Creative Awards. In this movie, Dew has the opportunity to collaborate again with 2 guys in F4, Win Metawin and Bright Vachirawit.

Dew Jirawat - F4 Thailand improved after 3 years of debut, impressive acting fortune - Photo 9

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