Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling "mai Thuy": Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play

Thảo MaiJul 15, 2023 at 10:16

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Due to the job of making eyelashes and nails, the income could not meet her own spending needs, Hoang Thi Nghia (nicknamed "hot g.irl Ha Tam") turned to selling banned substances.

Accordingly, on July 14, Quang Ninh Provincial Police said that it had executed an emergency arrest warrant for Hoang Thi Nghia (SN 2000, residing in Dong Tang village, Dong Truc commune, Thach That district). Hanoi) on illegal trading of banned substances.

Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling mai Thuy: Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play - Photo 1

Earlier on April 28, at Kim Hoang motel (Dong Thinh area, Tra Co ward, Mong Cai city), Mong Cai city police arrested a group of 5 people for illegal possession of banned substances. and illegal use of banned substances. Here, functional forces seized a total of 68,915 grams of banned substances of all kinds and 1 kit of banned substances.

During the investigation and expansion of the case, it was determined that Nghia was a seller of banned substances for the above group of subjects.

Nghia confessed and sold them by getting m.oney through a virtual account and sending banned substances through a delivery service.

Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling mai Thuy: Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play - Photo 2

On April 27, Nghia sold more than 12 packages of fun drinks to subjects for 3 million VND/pack and 20 million ketamine m.oney.

Immediately after learning that the group who organized the use of banned substances in Mong Cai City was arrested, Nghia turned off her phone, deleted her online accounts and fled.
However, after just over 2 months of searching, Quang Ninh Provincial Police arrested Nghia.

It is known that Nghia dropped out of school at the 11th grade to go to school to make eyelashes and nails (manicure), but with her gluttonous nature, lazy to work, the m.oney earned could not meet the requirements of personal spending, Nghia took advantage Using social networks, polishing images under the name "Ha Tam" to connect objects and then sell banned substances for m.oney to play.

Beautiful, conditional, even educated, but many "hot girls" have been caught in the middle of labor when they accidentally "sell flowers" or "white death".

"Tu Ba" is less than 18 years old

Few people would have expected that Pham Thi Nhu Q. (SN 2002, residing in Tien Hai district, Thai Binh province) - with a beautiful appearance - was a "tzu" in a sick s.ex trafficking ring, causing a stir. public opinion at the end of April, with an income of up to tens of millions of dong per night.

Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling mai Thuy: Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play - Photo 3

According to the investigative agency of Thanh Xuan District Police (Hanoi), Q.'s s.ex trade and accomplices used novel p.rostitution tricks. Customers wishing to buy s.ex with Q. must agree to use banned substances on request, for about 25 million VND per turn. Q. is a "tu lady" who specializes in serving such special events.

On the personal page, Q. always creates a luxurious and seductive impression like the hotgirls of the rich. She owns an oval face, bright white skin, and a high nose, often wearing s.exy clothes. Every time Q. posts a photo, she always attracts attention with a considerable amount of likes.

Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling mai Thuy: Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play - Photo 4

In addition to portraits, Q. often shares photos when dining out at luxurious locations, reserved for the elite. At the same time, she also did not forget to post s.exy photos with a "deep" status line to express her feelings.

H.ot g.irl Ngoc Miu

Ngoc Miu (real name Vu Hoang Anh Ngoc, 25 years old) is a g.irl originally from Hai Phong, who left her hometown to settle and work in Saigon. In the family, Ngoc is the eldest among the three sisters and her family is financially well off. With a beautiful appearance and attractive b.ody, But Ngoc is not interested in studying and only focuses on entertainment life, leading to her dropping out of school after studying to grade 11. 17 years old, Ngoc and her family moved immigrated to Saigon to live and work.

From a young age, Ngoc was married as a teen and lasted only about 1 year before divorcing, and having one c.hild. After the divorce, Ngoc became famous with the name "Ngoc Miu" or "Miu Miu", a hotgirl in the teen community in Saigon. She used to be a famous model with fashion shows and participated in MVs with many famous singers in the Vietnamese entertainment industry such as Dan Truong, Cao Thai Son.

Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling mai Thuy: Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play - Photo 5

Thinking that her career was at its peak, in April 2017, many people were surprised to learn that this 9X Hai Phong hotgirl is the "boss" of a large drug trafficking ring led by Van Kinh Duong. This information makes netizens feel sorry for Ngoc Miu because she is having a bright career but has fallen on a sinful path.

It is known that Ngoc Miu is Van Kinh Duong's lover, and during their time together, the two had a c.hild together. Her lover spoiled her and bought her many luxury items, especially a Mercedes worth more than 2 billion VND. From here, the beauty began to gradually get caught up in the crime boss's drug trafficking line.

Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling mai Thuy: Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play - Photo 6

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