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Viet Le: Nail giant in the US likes to "wear" gold on his b.ody, in the past he used to clean the toilet and eat leftovers

Uyển Đình16:54:08 02/10/2023
Having experienced a difficult life, Mr. Viet Le now has a full and rich life as desired. In particular, his hobby of wearing gold all over his b.ody is explained by him as a way to remember his miserable past and also as a motivation to continue working.

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Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling "mai Thuy": Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play

Thảo Mai10:16:31 15/07/2023
Due to the job of making eyelashes and nails, the income could not meet her own spending needs, Hoang Thi Nghia (nicknamed h.ot g.irl Ha Tam) turned to selling banned substances.

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23-year-old nail technician married U90 billionaire, thought no one would have to divorce after 3 months, unexpected reasons

Keng13:24:15 17/06/2023
The 61-year-old love story of wood billionaire Joe Hardy and a 23-year-old manicurist named Kristin Georgi made the public very curious. Before that, Mr. Joe had been through 2 wives, and Kristin was a single mother.

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The woman and her 30-year-old nails make everyone scared

Hoàng Anh19:18:35 23/06/2022
The world is wide, any kind of special hobby can exist. Despite the inconvenience in daily life, the 59-year-old woman persisted in growing her nails for 30 years. According to The Sun, because she loves her mother's long-sleeved dishes very much, since 1989, Cordelia Adams (59...

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Bored of being MC, Hong Phuc suddenly "changed job" as nail

Thuý Minh13:07:27 27/11/2021
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of entering the profession, MC Hong Phuc suddenly revealed that he had completed an 800-hour nail course. Hong Phuc is not afraid to switch from a famous MC to doing nails. Recently, when Ho Chi Minh City returned to the "new normal", MC...

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Nail staff accused the owner of a h.ot g.irl salon of stealing wages, and threatened to "want to die or want to live"

team youtuber12:30:02 12/05/2021
Recently, a number of pages and groups posted articles of a g.irl accusing the owner of a h.ot g.irl shop of stealing m.oney from employees. The post quickly received the attention of network members when witnessing the shop owner's statements in the clip. According to the initial...

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