Dam Vinh Hung asked for a miracle on his mother's birthday, r.evealing his father's illness

Châu AnhJan 20, 2024 at 14:34

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After the noisy past of repaying his mother's debt, the relationship between Dam Vinh Hung and his father attracted many people's attention. Recently, on the occasion of his biological mother's birthday, the male singer took action to express his affection and attracted attention from the public.

To achieve his current success, Dam Vinh Hung had to go through a childhood full of challenges and difficulties. Recently, Dam Vinh Hung shared a series of photos from the grand birthday party the male singer organized for his mother. Along with this series of images, the "king of Vietnamese music" expressed:

"Happy birthday, Mom! I love and wish you great health! As long as you're healthy, that's more than enough! I don't want anything more! Oh, one more thing! Please let a miracle happen so that you don't sleep sitting up anymore." Because Mom's back has been so painful and heavy for so many years! I want to see Mom sleeping like before..."

Dam Vinh Hung asked for a miracle on his mothers birthday, r.evealing his fathers illness - Photo 1

In his post, Dam Vinh Hung expressed the boundless love he has for his parents. In particular, now that he is a young father, the male singer understands more the difficulties and thoughts of being a parent and then understands and loves and respects his mother more.

"In the past, I always wanted Mom by my side! I love Mom, need Mom, miss Mom even when she's next to me! Just like Polo now, he's always clinging to Dad and never lets go, always saying: "Miss Dad! I miss you Dad... I'm crying. Mom, please stay healthy so I can see Polo get married! Love Mom!", Dam Vinh Hung shared.

Dam Vinh Hung asked for a miracle on his mothers birthday, r.evealing his fathers illness - Photo 2

In recent years, Dam Vinh Hung's biological mother's health has deteriorated quite a bit. Dam Vinh Hung once said that his mother fell once and her back could no longer be straight.

Dam Vinh Huong choked up as she recalled: "When we were little, Hanh and I had to go back to live in Trung Chanh with Yen's dad and mom (older mom) and mom went to the old neighborhood to stay at Mrs. Tu's house, Thuy's mom. Because of the events. society and family, I miss my mother every day. Going to school in Saigon, every morning I cycle from Trung Chanh to Tan Binh to study and then cycle back at noon (back then I only studied until noon).

I really want to turn left at Ba Que intersection so I can run back to my old neighborhood to meet my mother. I always want to see my mother by my side. I still remember the words I said when I was 5 or 6 years old. At that time, when the power went out, the whole family lay under the tiles to cool off. I hugged my mother's neck and said: Even if someone gave me a whole house with m.oney as big as mine, I still wouldn't. I can't change cheeks... That's my house. For a very long time, there were only 3 children. Now I have 3 more grandchildren, so I feel less lonely. Don't write anymore, I'm crying." Concluding this moody and emotional status, Dam Vinh Hung added, "I'll try to be healthy so I can see Polo get married with you. I love you, Mom."

Dam Vinh Hung asked for a miracle on his mothers birthday, r.evealing his fathers illness - Photo 3

In 2016, Dam Vinh Hung once livestreamed crying, accusing his biological mother of g.ambling and debt and borrowing large amounts of m.oney from friends, relatives, gangsters and even his fans. To be able to repay his mother's debt, he had to insist on running a show. It is estimated that the amount of capital and interest paid over 30 years is up to 20 billion.

According to the male singer, his livestream on social networks aims to hope that people around him will avoid lending m.oney to his mother as well as hope that his mother will change and not continue to get entangled in red and black affairs. That's why after this noisy period, many people can't help but be curious about the current relationship of Dam Vinh Hung and his biological mother.

Dam Vinh Hung asked for a miracle on his mothers birthday, r.evealing his fathers illness - Photo 4

Dam Vinh Hung asked for a miracle on his mothers birthday, r.evealing his fathers illness - Photo 5

In fact, the relationship between Dam Vinh Hung and his biological mother is still extremely good. Over the years, the male singer has often shared moments with his parents. He has proven his affection for his parents with many pictures of taking care of his mother, traveling with her and holding grand birthday parties. for my mother for many years.

Dam Vinh Hung asked for a miracle on his mothers birthday, r.evealing his fathers illness - Photo 6

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