Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly?

Thảo MaiDec 27, 2023 at 16:39

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This year's Miss pageant of the most prestigious beauty pageants on the planet is named after the beauties of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, the Netherlands and Thailand. Who is the beauty who has the most convincing victory and is most popular with the public?

Beauty Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua won Miss Universe 2023, defeating 83 other contestants in the final held in El Salvador, on the evening of December 18. She brought home the first Miss Universe crown for the country in the pageant's 72-year history. Sheynnis made an outstanding mark throughout the competition, so she received the support of a large audience when she was crowned.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 1

This year's new Miss Universe is 23 years old and 1.8 m tall. She is a model, television host and social activist in Nicaragua.

Sheynnis Palacios participated in many beauty contests before coming to the Miss Universe arena. She won Miss Teen Nicaragua 2016, entered the top 10 of Teen Universe 2017. Three years later, she was crowned Miss World Nicaragua 2020 and entered the top 40 of Miss World 2021.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 2

Andrea Rubio, 24 years old - Venezuelan journalist and fashion designer - won the title of Miss International 2023 in the final in Japan, on the evening of October 26. In this contest, Vietnamese beauty Nguyen Phuong Nhi stopped in the top 15.

The new international beauty queen is 1.71 m tall and is currently a model, journalist and fashion designer. Andrea graduated from La Sabana University in Chia, Colombia with a degree in Audiovisual Communications and Multimedia and is fluent in English and Spanish. She scored points with her attractive figure, face, and elegant style. The beauty brought home the 9th Miss International crown for Venezuela.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 3

Peruvian beauty Luciana Fuster was crowned Miss Grand International 2023 (Miss Grand International 2023) in the cheers and response of a large Vietnamese and international audience at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City on the evening of 25 /ten. She surpassed 68 contestants, including Le Hoang Phuong of Vietnam (4th runner-up).

The new Miss Grand International is attractive with her lovely beauty, s.exy b.ody and poise. Luciana Fuster is 24 years old, 1.74 m tall, currently a famous model and MC in Peru. She has nearly 5 million followers on Instagram. In 2015, she won the Miss Teen Pageant International contest.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 4

This year, Vietnam is also the host country for the Miss Earth contest. In the finals held on the evening of December 22 in Ho Chi Minh City, beautiful Drita Ziri from Albania was crowned beauty queen. Vietnamese beauty Do Thi Lan Anh won the title of Miss Country (2nd runner-up).

Drita Ziri won convincingly through many fierce competition rounds, scoring points with her radiant beauty, confident style and ability to present in English.

This year's new Miss Earth is only 18 years old, one of the youngest contestants in the contest. She is 1.73 m tall, is a student, a model, and a TV presenter. She was crowned Miss Albania 2022 and won the title of Miss Global 2022 2nd runner-up and the contestant with the best swimsuit a.ward.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 5

The beauty is described as an active g.irl who loves sports and enjoys exploring the world. She is fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Thai beauty, Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat, was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2023 (Miss Intercontinental 2023) in the final in Egypt on December 15. She received the crown back from Miss Bao Ngoc from Vietnam. At this contest, Vietnamese beauty Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang won the title of second runner-up.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 6

This year's new Miss Intercontinental is 25 years old and 1.78 m tall. She is a model and a graduate of the Faculty of International Communication Arts at Bangkok University (BUIC). Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat won the title of 1st runner-up at the Miss Grand Thailand 2017 contest and 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe Thailand 2023. The beauty has a modern, seductive beauty and is an outstanding contestant throughout. contest participation process.

This year, many South American beauties became international beauty queens, including Ecuador's representative, Andrea Aguilera. She was crowned Miss Supranational 2023 (Miss Supranational 2023) in the final in Poland in July. Vietnamese beauty, Dang Thanh Ngan, won the title of 4th runner-up.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 7

This year's new Miss Supranational is 22 years old, 1.8 m tall, and is a student majoring in International Business. She has participated in many beauty contests and achieved high results. Andrea won 4th runner-up (Miss Fire) at the Miss Earth Ecuador 2019 contest. Two years later, she was crowned Miss Peace Ecuador, represented the country at Miss Grand International 2021 in Thailand and won the title. 1st runner-up title (the year Thuy Tien ascended the beauty queen throne). The queen also won the Miss New Model Maganize 2020 modeling contest and is currently a professional model.

Dear Mr. Nawat and the 5 beauty queens crowned in 2023, who wins most convincingly? - Photo 8

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