The son was at his mother's funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage

Bình MinhApr 04, 2024 at 14:06

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Receiving the news that his mother died due to a fall, the youngest son rushed home to help relatives take care of everything. While preparing for the funeral, he noticed something unusual.

On October 9, 2020, a woman named Hu Xiushu died suddenly in a village in Hubei province (China). When her nephew opened the door and entered the house, he found Ms. Hu lying on the ground next to the bed and covered in b.lood.

The son was at his mothers funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage - Photo 1


At this point, the doors and all the windows of the house were closed. Therefore, many people believe that it is possible that during her sleep she unfortunately fell, her head hit hard, so she died of b.lood loss.

As the first person to find out, Ms. Hu's nephew was extremely pained. Neighbors around her were shocked and mourned because over the years, she was known as a kind person, anyone who needed help was always enthusiastic to help.

To take care of Ms. Hu, her nephew called her children back from the city. As soon as he saw his mother's cold b.ody, the youngest son burst into sobs. "Mother, I am your c.hild, you are an unfilial c.hild," he said, crying.

The son was at his mothers funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage - Photo 2

At the time of his birth, the youngest son and his mother had a very good relationship, often calling and giving words of concern. Thinking of past memories, the son approached, clutching the hand of the deceased and blaming himself for not being able to tell his mother.

Suddenly, the son realized something unusual from his mother's injuries and immediately told him to quickly call the police, not to let the p.erpetrator escape. He then carefully observed the wound on his mother's head and realized that it was not like a fall that led to excessive b.lood loss but more like a sharp object "impacted".

The son was at his mothers funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage - Photo 3

At this time, he suddenly remembered that his mother had previously worn a gold ring and had a gold bracelet on her neck given to him by his children. But now, both of those things are gone. It's hard to believe this was an accident.

Combined with b.lood stains on the walls, multiple head wounds and resistance wounds on his wrists, he suspected this was a planned m.urder. In his mind, he only had one thought, and that was not to let the person who "acted" with his mother escape.

The son was at his mothers funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage - Photo 4


Soon after, the police arrived. Forensic doctors were responsible for examining the victim while other officers brought people to the scene for questioning. However, after interrogation, everyone was innocent.

It wasn't until a woman named Jiang Xihua showed up and claimed to be Hu's friend for many years that everything changed. According to the results of the police investigation, Jiang Xihua owed tens of thousands of yuan. However, on the 2nd day after Ms. Hu's d.eath, all debts were paid.

The son was at his mothers funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage - Photo 5


However, the police have yet to find definitive evidence to convict Jiang. At that moment, the youngest son saw the ring on the suspect's hand, causing her expression to change, and hurriedly removed the ring and handed it to the police. She claimed the deceased had given it to her because of difficult circumstances.

Jiang's confusing testimony and panic during interrogation gave the police reason to suspect she was the culprit. Police told Hu's children that, based on their years of experience solving crimes, the perpetrators were likely to return to the scene. Because in their subconscious they are always anxious and always curious to know if the police have found any clues.

The son was at his mothers funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage - Photo 6

As expected, Jiang Xihua soon confessed the truth about his crime. It turned out that she had been keeping an eye on Ms. Hu's m.oney for a long time, so she hit the victim's head with a sharp object when there were no people in the house and ran away.

Ms. Jiang came to the scene not because she had bitten her conscience, but because she had dropped an earring here. She wanted to come and find her again to avoid police suspicion. Unexpectedly, the ring on her hand denounced the crimes of this red-and-black passionate woman.

The son was at his mothers funeral when he discovered something strange, the truth behind which caused outrage - Photo 7

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