Zhang Ziyi has a strange move after rumors of divorce with Uong Phong

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The closer to the end of the year, the more bustling the Chinese entertainment industry is with a series of rumors.

A few days ago, Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong were rumored to be divorced after many years of living together. The source started from the famous male singer Hoang An. He posted an article with the content: "A friend of mine, reporter Chu Thuc of Hong Kong showbiz has just shared information that Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong have divorced. Maybe 2021 is a competing play. the last act?"

Zhang Ziyi has a strange move after rumors of divorce with Uong Phong - Photo 1

Immediately, Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong denied that everyone went their separate ways. Specifically, in the post, Zhang Ziyi responded to the divorce rumors: "It's fake! Mr. Phong needs to sue who will sue him tomorrow morning." Along with that, the beauty surnamed Chuong also tagged her husband in the post of the person who spread the rumors. With only a short line, the beauty "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" has proven the power of "big sister" Cbiz, making the audience both awe and respect.

Most recently, Zhang Ziyi posted a series of photos to celebrate her 6-year-old daughter's birthday, showing that her family is still happy together. Not only taking care of her biological children, the beautiful Thap Dien Mai Phuc also cares and loves her husband's stepchild, Little Apple. This year, Uong Phong's stepdaughter is 15 years old, she also speaks many times well about her stepmother.

Zhang Ziyi used to be a pretty secretive person in her private life, but recently the actress often shows off photos of her daily life and shares the joy of family reunion.

Whenever it comes to festivals or members' birthdays, the family of 5 is never without anyone. This further confirms the beautiful love story between Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong. Most recently, when preparing to attend an event, Uong Phong also attracted attention with a wedding ring on his little finger. Married for 6 years, the male singer gave up his romance to focus on taking care of his wife and children.

Zhang Ziyi has a strange move after rumors of divorce with Uong Phong - Photo 2

For many years, Zhang Ziyi together with Trieu Vy, Tu Tinh Loi, Chau Tan formed the famous Four Great Flowers of the Chinese screen. Recently, when Trieu Vy was sealed "underground" and removed from the Chinese entertainment industry, this list only had three beauties left.

Compared to Tu Tinh Loi - unmarried, Chau Tan - married but divorced, Zhang Ziyi is probably the luckiest beauty in China's Great Dane as she has both a brilliant career and a great career. have a fulfilling personal life. However, to reach the sweet fruit like today, the beauty of the Chuong family also had to go through many difficulties and taste the bitter fruit.

"Zhang Ziyi is also the one who keeps the most stable form when entering Hollywood. Instead of trying to create a gorgeous look on the red carpet, she makes relentless efforts in acting. This helps the actress. members maintain a strong position in the world's most notoriously harsh movie capital," ITN commented on Zhang Ziyi.

The famous actress also owns many valuable advertising contracts. She has repeatedly entered the list of the best-earning stars in China, and it is estimated that the 42-year-old actress's fortune is currently about 2 billion yuan.

Talented and famous, but Zhang Ziyi also encountered many scandals in her career, most of which came from her emotional relationships. The beautiful actress was once caught up in rumors of dating many people such as MC Tap Bei Ninh, Jackie Chan, young master Huo Khai Son, basketball star Kobe Bryant, director Zhang Yimou, wealthy businessman Vivi Nevo. ..

Zhang Ziyi has a strange move after rumors of divorce with Uong Phong - Photo 3

In 2009, the beauty was considered the third person in the relationship of married businessman Ning Tieu Ba. Ning Xiaobo's wife also hired people to paint on Zhang Ziyi's advertising poster and spread rumors about the famous actress. The incident affected Zhang Ziyi's reputation, causing many brands to cancel contracts with her later.

Among Zhang Ziyi's love rumors, a love story with a rich young man 3 years younger than Huo Khai Son - vice president of a powerful real estate, construction and casino group in Hong Kong used to cost a lot of paper. press ink. Young Master Huo dated Zhang Ziyi in 2004 and in 2006, they broke up and reunited with 2011. At that time, the media hoped Zhang Ziyi would become a tycoon's wife, but the couple suddenly break up abruptly. Some sources said that the Hoac family did not like the daughter-in-law who worked in the entertainment industry and had many cons.

After many love scandals, Zhang Zi Di secretly married male singer and musician Uong Phong. He is known as an influential musician, singer, and producer in the Chinese rock music industry. However, Uong Phong's private life is also quite noisy with three marriages and two stepchildren.

In nearly 6 years of marriage, Zhang Ziyi and Uong Phong encountered many storms and rumors. Not long after the wedding, Uong Phong was caught at a Las Vegas casino, USA. The information that the male singer was in debt because of his passion for g.ambling made them miserable and became a topic of discussion online. However, Zhang Ziyi defended her "husband" and affirmed that she always trusted her husband.

At the beginning of 2020, Zhang Ziyi gave birth to a second c.hild and continuously shared happy family pictures, affirming that her marriage with Uong Phong is very complete. The couple is still living with Uong Phong's stepdaughter and she considers Zhang Ziyi as her biological mother, many times appearing in love with the actress. Currently, the 42-year-old beauty temporarily put aside her artistic career to focus on enjoying family happiness.

Zhang Ziyi has a strange move after rumors of divorce with Uong Phong - Photo 4

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