Nam Em's husband texted Phuong Thanh, suspecting that his sister was "kicking" a woman's mouth

Thiên DiMar 18, 2024 at 16:29

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Recently, Phuong Thanh suddenly posted a warning on a character named BHC, causing netizens to suspect that she was referring to Nam Em's fiancé. Right after that, Nam Em's fiancé also publicly posted a message asking clearly about "Ms. Chanh".

On the afternoon of March 16, Phuong Thanh suddenly posted a warning about a character named BHC on her personal page. Specifically, the female singer wrote: "BHC, if you know me well, say you don't know, then it's better to stay quiet. Otherwise, you'll have a bad day because of a woman's mouth! Write a reminder status first!".

Nam Ems husband texted Phuong Thanh, suspecting that his sister was kicking a womans mouth - Photo 1

In the comments section, many viewers said that the character Phuong Thanh mentioned was Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's boyfriend and manager. Although many questions were raised, Phuong Thanh still decided to remain silent, without any explanation. At the same time, "Ms. Chanh" also left a meaningful comment: "I'm not h.ot, everyone, don't worry. Just a warning in advance. That's all."

The same evening, Nam Em's boyfriend also posted on his personal page responding to Phuong Thanh's status line. Bui Huu Cuong expressed doubt that he was the person mentioned by Phuong Thanh. The guy wrote: "What, I'm quiet...". Attached to the post, Bui Huu Cuong took a photo of the message he sent to Phuong Thanh to ask clearly about everything, but the female singer did not respond.

Nam Ems husband texted Phuong Thanh, suspecting that his sister was kicking a womans mouth - Photo 2

Previously, Bui Huu Cuong had many notable statements on livestream. Nam Em's boyfriend declared that he wanted to "destroy this showbiz" and repeatedly went online to "scandalize" the entertainment industry with his lover. A series of uncontrolled words from both made public opinion angry.

On March 1, the couple had a direct meeting with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Cyber Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention of Ho Chi Minh City Police, and received a fine. 37.5 million VND. Bui Huu Cuong and Nam Em later deleted the controversial content on social networks.

Nam Ems husband texted Phuong Thanh, suspecting that his sister was kicking a womans mouth - Photo 3

However, in recent days, Nam Em and Bui Huu Cuong have continued to stir up public opinion by constantly arguing and "exposing" on livestream. According to the information Nam Em shared, during their relationship, Bui Huu Cuong almost did not work and put all the pressure on her to m.ake m.oney. Not only that, the female singer also accused her husband-to-be of being a patriarch and rude person who continuously interfered too deeply in her life.

The beauty declared that if he refused to change, they would break up. Nam Em's fiancé also refused to be humble when he scolded her: "Go away" right on the livestream and even affirmed that he would not change.

Nam Ems husband texted Phuong Thanh, suspecting that his sister was kicking a womans mouth - Photo 4

Immediately after that, Nam Em posted on his personal page the status line "Long Live Freedom" as if implicitly implying that the breakup had received great attention from fans. She feels free and happy and will enjoy this happiness for the rest of her life. Nam Em admits that she watches too many Korean love movies, so she is "fantasy" in love. Currently, she is disillusioned and realizes that "life is not like the movies".

This decision of the female singer received support from a large audience. Because, everyone thinks that since the day she fell in love with this guy, Nam Em's life has turned upside down in a negative direction. However, just a few days after declaring "going our separate ways", Nam Em surprised everyone by appearing with her boyfriend on livestream.

Nam Ems husband texted Phuong Thanh, suspecting that his sister was kicking a womans mouth - Photo 5

Nam Em and Bui Huu Cuong started showing signs of dating from the end of 2023, the two often pair up at events. At that time, Nam Em also regularly posted happy and proud status lines about her boyfriend. But now, after only a short time together, their relationship has gradually become tense.

Nam Ems husband texted Phuong Thanh, suspecting that his sister was kicking a womans mouth - Photo 6

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