'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl"

Hoàng AnhDec 15, 2022 at 18:43

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It can be said that 2022 is the year of many Tiktokers to the throne, but it is also a turbulent year for this relatively new field.

Having been with YouTube for nearly 3 years, Vo Ha Linh is a face loved by many young people. Right from the early days of entering the profession until now, Ha Linh has always been mentioned by her fairness, strong bravery and always gives honest and objective comments. Because of her dedication to this work, Vo Ha Linh had a brilliant 2022.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 1

Amidst the scandal of No Ono wobbling on social networks, as well as the controversy about the newly opened restaurant of the Bearded G.irl, the war god Ha Linh made netizens look like an O and an A when showing off. his very luxurious property.

Specifically, recently, Vo Ha Linh shared a photo of a small corner of the house that has just been built. Accordingly, she performed the entrance ceremony to her new home. Ha Linh said that she did not expect that in less than 2 years, she could reward herself with such a big gift on a beautiful year-end day.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 2

It is known that if Vo Ha Linh lived in an apartment in the past, now, she has moved to the ground. Although not disclosed specifically, but only with ground-floor data, the new home of the female YouTuber will surely be extremely spacious and of course, the cost that the beauty born in 1990 has to spend is certainly not cheap.

Besides, not only showing readers about moving house, Ha Linh also thanked everyone and promised to try to do better in the future. Many fans have sent their wishes as well as left comments expressing admiration for Ha Linh's relentless efforts.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 3

Not only stopping at product reviews, Vo Ha Linh always wants to renew herself, kicking the yard into other areas such as business. Currently, besides her main job as a YouTuber, Ha Linh also runs a company named after her, specializing in providing advertising-related services.

From a motel room of less than 10m2, the font was glued to the wall, filming equipment still had to borrow m.oney to buy, now Ha Linh can enjoy the "sweet fruit" of being a small business for herself. It is known that the company headquarters named Ha Linh will be located in her hometown, Vinh City, Nghe An.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 4

Specifically, the office of Ha Linh company will include 1 reception space and 1 working space, full of utilities such as desktop computers, air conditioners, ... Ha Linh's company will specialize in providing provides advertising-related services and is trademark registered and has a full tax code.

Not long ago, Vo Ha Linh had a short experience in Paris. Thought this was just an ordinary business trip of a female YouTuber born in 1990 in the world's fashion capital, but no, Vo Ha Linh surprised many people when she revealed that she was the only Vietnamese who was allowed to live in Vietnam. brand invites to participate in Le Defile program within the framework of Paris Fashion Week.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 5

Appearing at a big event, Ha Linh did not disappoint fans when she wore a very luxurious outfit, exalting the charisma and beauty of the female YouTuber. Here, she also had the opportunity to meet many famous people that made her eyes widen.

It can be said that 2022 is a year of great success for Vo Ha Linh when her career flourishes like a kite in the wind. However, always giving honest opinions, compliments and criticism clearly caused Ha Linh to get in trouble when she was "free" from a few shops. However, with a nature that is not afraid to confront the storm, Ha Linh still focuses on her work and receives the enthusiastic response of the viewers.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 6

True to the saying "pressure creates diamonds", in order to have the aura and luxurious life like today, only Ha Linh understands the difficulties she has encountered.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 7

Looking back on Vo Ha Linh's journey from the early days of making videos to the present, readers always see the strong bravery and daredevil of this female YouTuber. Reviewing is not a simple job, but with the most objective comments and assessments, Ha Linh has been well rewarded.

Currently, Ha Linh is still doing very well at her job. In the future, with such a strong will, Ha Linh will surely break through and be more successful in her work.

'God of War' Ha Linh made a shocking move between the drama "No O No" and "The Bearded G.irl" - Photo 8

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