Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns

Bình YênJan 08, 2024 at 14:38

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It's been 11 episodes on the air, but never has the result of Sister Beautiful Wind been recognized by viewers.

After the 4th premiere was shown on the evening of January 6, the show continued to stir controversy by the votes from the studio audience. Accordingly, the Huong Ngoc Lan singing team of Diva Hong Nhung - Diva My Linh received a record low score - 188 points despite having a highly appreciated performance.

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 1

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 2

In the previous episode, Diva My Linh's choice to perform her hit song with many powerful vocalists such as Diva Hong Nhung, Luu Huong Giang, Phuong Vy, Uyen Linh made netizens sure that the whole team must achieve the highest score in premiere 4. This is also the reason why many netizens were shocked and disgruntled when they learned the real result. The group fell into danger, Liu Xiangjiang was the next "beautiful sister" to leave, causing the audience to deeply regret.

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 3

After the show aired, netizens left a series of comments criticizing the audience of the set of Sister Beautiful Sister:

- Ask the organizers to re-select 357 spectators in the studio. Huong Ngoc Lan's score was unbelievably low.

- 2 Divas, 2 Vietnam Idol winners, 1 producer and coach for 3 seasons The Voice Kids champion "sprayed glue" before the results. Do studio audiences know how to enjoy music?

- Team 2 Diva deserves a higher score. The music taste of the studio audience is so strange.

- Arrangement is understandable but 188 points is outrageous. The votes sounded overwhelming.

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 4

This isn't the first time viewers on the set of Sister Beautiful Wind have received "bricks and stones." In Act 1, the fact that Yen Trang left while the name caused controversy, somewhat worse performance, Ha Kino still stayed on the show, made many people angry. Netizens thought that the studio audience was too emotional, only voting according to appearance or h.ot beautiful sisters in Vbiz, not having an overview of the competition, leading to some outstanding artists but still left as usual.

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 5

The sentiment of the studio audience was also most evident when looking at the 6 captains of Act 2 - who received the highest votes from the audience's favorite scoreboard. Ha Kino – the model who was said not to excel in the show suddenly appeared in the top 6 most voted artists, surpassing the big sisters. This made many viewers of the show feel that the choice of the studio audience was too confusing.

Meanwhile, at a recent concert, Le Quyen said she was disappointed in the show " Beautiful Sister " and thought the show was "too cruel". This share immediately caught the attention of the audience.

Responding to this issue, the producer of Sister Beautiful Wind Turn said that the program has helped viewers imagine enthusiastic female artists, overcoming their limits, especially older "beautiful sisters".

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 6

The organizers also confirmed that initially the 30 female artists participating in the program thought quite simply about the show rules.

" Initially, the female artists thought that Sister Beautiful Wind Turns is simply a program created for artists to meet, interact and sing and dance gently.

However, when they really entered and felt more about the overall spirit of the show, they gave themselves the motivation to contribute, accept challenges to overcome their limits as well as put their heart into every moment of the show", Organizers said.

The production team said that many artists have the mentality of working hard for their teammates and showing their best to contribute to the audience, so they "squeeze out their own energy". " This is the common feeling of all artists in the show, not just hers," the representative of the Organizing Committee added.

" We are very respectful, loving and sometimes sorry for you for not warning in advance that the program would be so 'fierce' when you officially joined," the organizers said.

Through many months of companionship, the Organizing Committee of the reality show believes that the journey and experience in the program is a beautiful memory on the journey of artistic activities of each artist.

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 7

Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind is increasingly controversial, the case of Diva Hong Nhung stuns - Photo 8

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