Chansung (2PM) announced his marriage to his 40-year-old girlfriend, the bride is pregnant with her first c.hild

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The Korean entertainment industry is buzzing with h.ot information related to Chansung's fiancée (2PM).

Specifically, a series of newspapers recently reported that the male idol of 2PM is about to marry his girlfriend at the beginning of this year, but the couple is still considering carefully due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic. It is known that Chansung's girlfriend was born in 1982, 8 years older than her boyfriend and is outside the entertainment industry. The couple have been dating for 5 years now, they decided to get married naturally and the bride-to-be became pregnant while they worked together to plan the details of the wedding.

Chansung (2PM) announced his marriage to his 40-year-old girlfriend, the bride is pregnant with her first c.hild - Photo 1

It is worth mentioning that the male singer's girlfriend is pregnant with her first c.hild at the age of 40, so in addition to being happy, the couple cannot avoid anxiety and are very careful in protecting their health before giving birth. Remember in December 2021, Chansung surprised fans when he announced that he was about to get married and become a father. The male singer shared that his other half has a sincere and warm personality.

Chansung shared, "It's been 15 years since I first debuted at the age of 17, so far I have had many close memories. I would like to sincerely thank the HOTTEST community (fans of 2PM). have always given me so much precious love.Today I want to share with everyone about the changes and joys in my life.

I have a girlfriend I've been dating for a long time. She is the refuge of my insecure heart, my friend and lover. After being discharged from the army, during the time of planning to get married, we received good news to prepare to welcome a new birth and received many blessings. Currently, both of us are thinking about getting married early next year."

Chansung (2PM) announced his marriage to his 40-year-old girlfriend, the bride is pregnant with her first c.hild - Photo 2

In addition, the 2PM male idol also announced that he would be leaving JYP company after making this announcement, "Having a new family by my side, I want to be able to stand up and develop my career on my own. Because of that, I discussed and agreed with the company."

Currently, a large number of fans have sent their congratulations to Chansung and his girlfriend's marriage information. Many people are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming wedding of the new couple of the Korean entertainment industry.

Chansung was born in 1990, is the youngest member of the cult group 2PM associated with a series of hits such as Again & Again, Heartbeat, Go C.razy, Im your man... Chansung debuted as an actor in the series. Comedy Family was MBC's 2006 No. 1, and went on to star in the Japanese television series Kaito Royale. Over the years, Chansung has impressed with works such as Secretary Kim What's Wrong, Touching Your Heart, I Married an Antifan...

Chansung (2PM) announced his marriage to his 40-year-old girlfriend, the bride is pregnant with her first c.hild - Photo 3

Changsung has a handsome appearance, an impressive height of 1m84 and a clean private life, so he has a lot of domestic and international fans. During more than a decade of artistic activities, Chansung has almost never been caught in dating rumors and public girlfriends. Therefore, the news that he was about to get married and had his first c.hild surprised many people.

Notably, a large number of Korean netizens sent greetings to the 2PM member. Worth mentioning, the attitude of Korean netizens to this incident surprised the international public. Because before that, they had strongly opposed similar cases of Kbiz.

This is not the first time that a male idol has "married and ran to vote". At the beginning of 2020, Chen (EXO) posted a long letter announcing his marriage to a girlfriend outside the industry. And yet, the company also confirmed that Chen's wife was pregnant with their first c.hild. At that time, a part of fans and netizens condemned and criticized Chen harshly for thinking that he affected the group's career. There were even c.razy fans who came to the company to protest, demanding to kick Chen out of EXO.

Chansung (2PM) announced his marriage to his 40-year-old girlfriend, the bride is pregnant with her first c.hild - Photo 4

In August of last year, another male idol from "Big 3" (SM - YG - JYP) also announced that he had a b.aby and got married, it was Bobby (iKON). At first, everyone thought that the male idol would be "stoned" like Chen used to be. However, this time, Knet's attitude was more conciliatory, many people even expressed their congratulations. In the case of Chansung, there are hardly any conflicting opinions. From fans to passersby, they eagerly sent countless congratulations to the 2PM member's small family.

Chansung (2PM) announced his marriage to his 40-year-old girlfriend, the bride is pregnant with her first c.hild - Photo 5

Previously, Knet was known to be the harshest and most difficult to please, so this change in attitude surprised many people. According to the comments on the forums, these male idols have all debuted for a long time, it's time for them to get married and have their own lives. Some people are even happy that these idols are willing to receive "brick and stone" from public opinion to take responsibility for their lover and c.hild. Therefore, the majority of opinions think that they deserve to be congratulated rather than criticized. However, there is also a small part of the opinion that male idols are no longer suitable for idol work when they are married and fathered. These people want the idol to leave the group or do solo activities.

Chansung (2PM) announced his marriage to his 40-year-old girlfriend, the bride is pregnant with her first c.hild - Photo 6

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