The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards

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The "race" to win the Miss World 2023 crown is hotter than ever with less than 10 days left until the final. The information that the g.irl caught the "eyes" of international experts is also of great interest.

The final stage of Miss World 71st season with many fierce competition activities is taking place in the city of Mumbai, India. 112 representatives of countries and territories are trying to show their best in the contests to make a good impression and score points with global beauty fans as well as those who "hold the scale".

The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards - Photo 1

At the same time, many international beauty sites also continuously publish tables predicting beauties who will be in the final Top 20. Overall statistics from many rating charts, beauty fans unexpectedly found a g.irl highly appreciated by most experts, holding the Top 10 - Top 5 position on the entire board.

The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards - Photo 2

Specifically, this beauty is Miss World England 2022 - Jessica Gagen. According to the personal profile on the Miss World organization's homepage, this year's British representative is 27 years old and has a height of 1m75.

Born and raised in Lancashire (UK), Jessica was encouraged by her biological father - a mechanic - to pursue the field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) from an early age. She graduated from the Aerospace Engineering program at the University of Liverpool in the summer of 2023.

The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards - Photo 3

"As one of the few girls studying aerospace engineering at school, I see it as my mission to promote passion in this field and reduce stereotypes surrounding the work of girls." engineer. This is what brought me to the Miss England contest," Jessica said.

Initially when she was invited to participate in Miss World at the local level, she hesitated because she didn't really know the purpose of the contest. But then realizing that she could talk to domestic and even international audiences, the beauty decided to participate in the competition.

The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards - Photo 4

Miss England's win gave Jessica a platform to advocate for women pursuing engineering. In the near future, she will continue to make her space dream come true with the Master of Advanced Aerospace Engineering program.

Besides academics, the queen also expressed her desire to show the community documentaries about Engineering and Technology with the aim of attracting more girls to be more interested in this aspect.

The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards - Photo 5

Coming to the beauty arena with the longest history on the planet, Miss World England 2022 describes herself as "a compassionate person who always aims to educate and inspire children to believe in their abilities." mine".

Regarding the journey of implementing a project to inspire future generations, Jessica Gagen shared on her personal page: "The 5-year journey includes a year of basic physics research, a year of pandemic working 40 hours a week in the supermarket, 149 5k fancy dress charity runs, a 3 year bachelor's degree, a Miss England loser, a Miss England winner, half a Master's degree. Thousands of kids are inspired to take an interest in engineering through my STEMSchoolTalks platform.".

The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards - Photo 6

According to records at the present time, Miss World England 2022 is leading with a score of 225. In the Head to Head Challenge, the 9X beauty also excellently conquered the jury and was named in the Top 5 with the group. contestants come from Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Lebanon.

The above victory also means that Jessica Gagen will be named directly into the Top 40 in the final night taking place on March 9. Vietnam representative - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong also had a good performance in this competition, but unfortunately only stopped at the Top 25.

The portrait of the g.irl who defeated Mai Phuong appeared on most of the Miss World prediction boards - Photo 7

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