Close-up of Duc Tien's $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week

PinkyJun 04, 2024 at 13:52

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After burying the late actor Duc Tien in the US, his grave began to be of interest to netizens. Built spaciously, it is known that the late actor's grave cost up to $ 41,000. A friend of his also came forward, saying he visited weekly.

Recently, on Youtube channel TD Media posted a clip of the grave of the late actor Duc Tien after the funeral. Duc Tien is laid to rest at Westminster Memorial Park Cemetery, one of the largest and solemn cemeteries dedicated to Catholics in California, USA.

Close-up of Duc Tiens $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week - Photo 1

This cemetery is located in a beautiful location, built as a park, with an airy, solemn and clean layout. Not only that, Duc Tien's grave is also located in a prime location in the cemetery, close to the road. Therefore, the grave land is very expensive, up to $ 41,000. Binh Phuong used to cry when he heard the price of grave land but was fortunate to be supported and helped by everyone. Duc Tien was visited by many beloved friends and colleagues, so his grave was also filled with flowers, looking very warm and full of love.

Close-up of Duc Tiens $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week - Photo 2

Most especially, Duc Tien's grave is also near the grave of singer Cam Tho's biological father (wife of musician Le Quang). The singer said that every 6th she visits her father's grave. Because of the convenience of the road, Cam Tho will also visit Duc Tien's tomb every week, so that he will be less empty and lonely.

True to Cam Tho's words, Duc Tien's grave was buried the day before, the next day was the 6th, she visited and said prayers for him. Cam Tho shared: "Today I came out here to read prayers to Duc Tien. Duc Tien was buried yesterday. Coincidentally, today is the 6th day, and every Friday I go to this cemetery to visit my grandfather's grave. My maternal grandfather is located nearby, died 2 years ago.

Close-up of Duc Tiens $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week - Photo 3

When I found out that Duc Tien was here, I was very happy to visit Duc Tien every week. Every week I go to the grave to change flowers for my grandfather, passing by here, so I don't visit Duc Tien. I always visit my grandfather's grave every 6th week, unless I go back to Vietnam, I ask my daughter or close friends to change flowers. This morning I went to change flowers for my grandfather, so I also visited Duc Tien's grave. Because there were still so many flowers, I didn't buy flowers, I just went to pray. I don't know what to do for Germany other than this."

Close-up of Duc Tiens $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week - Photo 4

Earlier, musician Le Quang's wife was accused of deliberately fishing for her own benefit, the singer immediately spoke out. She said that at this time, she missed Duc Tien because the two were close friends, so she often mentioned it.

"Whatever I do is not happy. I'm just saying it in general. Some in the audience said I deliberately took Duc Tien out to catch the view. YouTubers like me have to accept being told the view, but because I miss Duc Tien, that's it.

Close-up of Duc Tiens $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week - Photo 5

Then everything will go into oblivion, but not even the funeral of Duc Tien, how can I forget without touching anything, without reminding my friend who recently died. Now that my friend had passed away, I laughed again. At that time I was told that my friend had just died without even mentioning it, and laughed. Or people want me to stop being on clips, let go of everything," the singer expressed.

Close-up of Duc Tiens $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week - Photo 6

In addition, she added that she could not be sad forever but had to try to recover mentally after the loss. "It's always fun to be happy, when you can't have fun, you can't want to have fun. You have to be in this situation to feel my feelings, and the insensitive person will tell me that there is a story about Tien Tien's d.eath and cry and cry. I'll be honest, I've limited it to clips because we are very close to each other, we have many jobs together," said musician Le Quang's wife.

Close-up of Duc Tiens $ 41,000 grave, r.evealing 1 character who visits every week - Photo 7

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