Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves

An NhiOct 18, 2022 at 10:13

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As one of the artists who did not hesitate to respond to antifan, recently, Tuan Hung frankly scolded netizens when this person talked about him with impolite words.

A few hours ago, on his personal page, Tuan Hung shared a post at a wedding. Then, below the comment, someone came in to leave a comment with bad words that affected his image and honor.

Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves - Photo 1

Reading this comment, Tuan Hung was extremely angry and scolded anti-fans: "People's happy days open their mouths to say dirty words so that many people drag their parents and relatives from the root. to the top to curse. I'm sure reading all these swear words will be very frustrating. The law of cause and effect does not come from anyone. Be careful with your mouth and keep your teeth, if you eat rice, you won't have to... rice."

Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves - Photo 2

Not only Tuan Hung, many viewers also expressed criticism and criticism with the comment of the above anti-fan because of this lack of charm.

Tuan Hung is a male singer of Vbiz, at the present time, he rarely sings. Most of Tuan Hung spends time with his family. The male singer's married life makes many people admire.

Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves - Photo 3

For many years now, Tuan Hung's day always starts at 6 am, wakes up waiting for the children to finish preparing everything, then at 6:45 am, it's his job: "What do you like to eat, Dad will drive you to eat and then bring it to you? class". At the end of the afternoon, no matter where he was doing, he rushed back to pick up his children on time.

The male singer confided that he was an only c.hild in the family, from a young age, he understood the warm value of meals with a large number of people in the family, so he also wanted his children to feel that. Therefore, although "running the lottery" to m.ake m.oney is not difficult, if choosing between working to earn m.oney and spending more time with his children, he chooses the safe option for family life with the thought: "Welcoming and taking care of children is now my joy".

Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves - Photo 4

The voice of "Finding the sky" confided, rich - poor is just a relative concept, no one can define it, earning a few million dong a month can still take care of their children, and earn a hundred times as much. then it is called having excess m.oney to save or accumulate.

Each person has different calculations, if you want to have a lot of m.oney, you must definitely spend more time at work, which will certainly make your children disadvantaged. He is choosing to earn a little less m.oney but for his children to have a complete childhood and be sure to grow up in the full love and care of his father.

For example, taking his children to school, despite being busy, Tuan Hung considers it an irreplaceable happiness. Because he understood that, when he was a c.hild, every c.hild wanted to be taken to class by his parents and picked him up. Feeling overwhelmed when seeing his parents after school, that is the biggest value that he wants to save in the memories of his children - like his memory of his childhood when his parents loved him so much.

Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves - Photo 5

He admits that he is no longer at the age of eagerness to prove himself in a certain way and the biggest reason is because the childhood of children only lasts 5-7 years, later they grow up and have regrets. Even if you want to make up for it, you can't. For him, the biggest asset of fathers and mothers is not a few billion or tens of billions of dong, but the maturity of their children.

It is interesting that in family life, Tuan Hung revealed that he was the one who played the "evil role". Basically, because his wife is quite gentle and indulgent, he has to be more strict and strict in order to still discipline the small children. The male singer shared that he was strict, but he never used spanking to teach his children, but only punished them for joy when they made a mistake, for example, not being able to go out as scheduled.

Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves - Photo 6

Of course, being a parent is inevitable when he feels his head is "hot", it's easy to lose his temper, but he is confident that he can control that, and then is ready to spend more time with the game. stories and teach children.

In the story of his children, Tuan Hung did not forget to mention his wife - Thu Huong, the woman who contributed to "tame" her wild nature. He happily confessed that his wife's parents see him as his own c.hild, and his biological parents love their daughter-in-law like their own daughter.

The male singer admitted that during the first few years of marriage, the two could not avoid collisions, even sometimes harsh words because everyone's ego was too big. But after each f.ight, each person understands and loves each other more. More importantly, he determines that he is older than his wife, so he chooses to actively make up after each such time and look at his children to change himself.

Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves - Photo 7

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