Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family

Khánh HuyềnNov 29, 2023 at 17:41

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Female singer Thuy Trang was an extremely famous singer in the 1990s. She used to cover Western music television channels. She is also the owner of many songs such as Dusty Rain, I Walk on Young Grass, Stormy Rain, Yellow Pumpkin Flower, Green Memory,...

Thuy Trang is a very famous female singer in the 1990s. Thuy Trang's music collections include Dusty Rain, Blaming the Dreamer, Green Memories, I Walk on Young Grass, On a Small River, After a Thunderstorm , Yellow Pumpkin Flower... once caused a fever among the audience, and were even widely sold in the form of pirated tapes and discs. The female singer conquered the audience thanks to her sweet, deep voice through lyrical folk songs that require a lot of experience.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 1

Unfortunately, when she was at the peak of her career, Thuy Trang suffered from a nose disease that caused her voice to no longer be as clear. That's why the female singer has canceled many music projects and shows because she no longer feels satisfied with her own voice.

The sudden disappearance from the music market caused Thuy Trang to be involved in rumors of going abroad, quitting her job, and even rumored to have passed away. However, because she does not use social networks, the female singer rarely speaks up to correct herself.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 2

Only later did she share: "All my relatives in the countryside saw rumors of his d.eath on social networks and called me. When I answered the phone, they believed I was fine. And my husband also comforted me, he said. that maybe people love me so much that they pay attention to me. Sometimes I just have to reassure them like that, but actually I'm really sad."

In a sharing with the press, Thuy Trang said that she had been seeking treatment everywhere for a long time but could not get her voice back to the way it used to be. After that, the female singer turned to Buddhism for healing and gradually got used to a peaceful life, away from the limelight of the stage. However, until she truly recovered, there was a long hiatus in her career, so returning to singing was quite difficult for Thuy Trang. The female singer chose to return quietly, without too much noise, to serve the audience who loves her singing.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 3

In a sharing with the public, she said: "I always work silently. If a product is good, I will release it with all my heart and dedication. Every time I come home from singing, I am very happy." "My husband encouraged me to do what I want, so my life is very peaceful."

In addition to singing, Thuy Trang spends time helping her husband with his business and taking care of his two children. The female singer revealed that her eldest daughter, 20 years old, just went to the US to study fashion design. "Even though he likes art, he won't follow his mother's career. My little son is currently 6 years old, so I spend a lot of time with him," the female singer revealed.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 4

Currently, the female singer's voice has also recovered to normal. The singer "I walk on young grass" confided that luckily, even though she was absent for 7 or 8 years, when she returned, she was still loved by the audience. Even though she does not use social networks, the female singer knows that her fans always support her every time she releases a music product. That was the motivation for her to devote herself to art.

Even though she has been absent for many years, it cannot be denied that the coverage that singer Thuy Trang had when she was enthusiastically active was huge. Not only does the female singer have an admirable career, she also has a warm and happy family. She always shows pride every time she mentions her husband and children.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 5

R.evealing the fate of knowing her husband, the singer "Dust Rain" said: "In the past, my husband rented cars, and showgirls often went to his house to borrow cars to take singers. It was like we had a relationship. Every time he let someone else drive, but that day he drove himself because he wanted to go out. Ngoc Anh was in that car, and she loved me and pulled me in to sit with him. After that time, he Ngoc Anh was the "matchmaker" who connected because at that time both he and I were very shy, not daring to confess our love. At that time I was also famous, so he was afraid of not knowing whether I loved him or not. He thought that if we confess but don't get it, we'll lose our friendship. The two of us know each other like friends, and I was the one who confessed first."

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 6

According to the female singer, the two have been friends for 5 or 6 years. One Christmas night after returning from a performance, her husband texted her to ask questions, making her emotional. Feeling his feelings, Thuy Trang proactively said: "I see Mr. Tan as a friend." After receiving the "green light", her husband was extremely happy and began to "attack" by taking her to sing regularly. From then on, the two fell in love with each other and decided to live together. To date, Thuy Trang and her husband have had 22 years of happy marriage.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 7

Recently, Thuy Trang appeared on a show led by MC Quyen Linh after a long absence. The female singer wore light makeup and wore extremely simple and intimate outfits. The traces of time cannot be hidden on her face, but she is still gently and lovingly beautiful, true to the standards of a family woman.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 8
The female singer interacted with the audience and sang a live performance at this program. Many viewers commented that although Thuy Trang's voice is no longer as stable as when she was young, her folk song quality and sweetness have not changed.

Singer Thuy Trang: Famous Western bolero singer, perfect career and family - Photo 9

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