Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity

Nam PhươngOct 01, 2022 at 18:41

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Singer Thuy Tien is happy to announce that her past efforts have helped the Central region. Thereby showing one thing that I am completely clean and transparent about charity m.oney.

In the past few days, due to the influence of Super Typhoon Noru, continuous rain has caused many places to fall into flood. Completely isolated, people had to pity to let their houses and crops drift with the flood water.

In the media, the press, the topic of charity was once again stirred up by public opinion. Although the call for the Central region has ended for nearly 2 years, however, singer Thuy Tien is still mocked by Netizen. Most of them expressed doubts about the transparency, the amount of more than 100 billion that the "Happy House" singer had previously donated. However, instead of "ruffled" to respond to public opinion, Cong Vinh's wife recently had a way to prove her innocence.

Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity - Photo 1

Specifically, on her personal Facebook page, the singer shared a photo of a flood-proof house built with the m.oney of a sponsor. At that time, many stoned comments said that Thuy Tien was a waste and used it for the wrong purpose. However, when the amount of water is increasing day by day, the community house is the place for people to stay and stay safe during natural disasters.

"The community cultural house that we together contributed m.oney to build today is really valuable to people. People are avoiding storms and floods here, giving priority to the elderly and children. Thank you. Thank you to the leaders of Ha Tinh province for supporting the construction of houses. - Thuy Tien was moved to write

Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity - Photo 2

It is known that on January 24, 2022, the Police Department (C02) of the Ministry of Public Security confirmed that singer Thuy Tien had no signs of charity theft. Therefore, there will be no criminal prosecution for reports and denunciations on MXH. In addition to Thuy Tien, many other colleagues such as Dam Vinh Hung and Hoai Linh were also vindicated. The Supreme People's Procuracy determined that the settlement of the Ministry of Public Security was grounded and in accordance with the law.

On the side of Thuy Tien, after being entangled in the biggest scandal in her career. The singer announced that from now on, she will not call for any individuals or organizations. Instead, the couple will do the same with their own m.oney. In addition, the beauty also claimed to ask the law to handle individuals who spread false information, affecting honor and prestige. Previously, husband and wife Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien went to the bank to print statements from VND 177 billion. The meeting was witnessed by bank representatives, lawyers and media managers.

Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity - Photo 3

""All statements today will be sent to the competent authorities to serve the investigation to regain transparency for both husband and wife. At the same time, we will officially initiate a lawsuit. Some individuals intentionally spread false rumors, seriously affecting their lives and work.

No matter who it is, entrepreneurs, CEOs, or people of high status in society. Tien and Vinh believe that no individual or organization can stand above the law. We both completely believe in fairness, strictness and always keep the spirit of respecting the law!" - Thuy Tien said.

Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity - Photo 4

Faced with anti fans during the livestream, singer Thuy Tien's husband said. Everyone can laugh at him and his wife as they like, but don't curse or slander his family, don't destroy the couple's jobs.

Everything has a limit and Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh also have a limit to endure. Because of the skepticism, many people have insulted and insulted not only Thuy Tien but also the singer's maternal family, especially many people still have bad words with this couple's little daughter.

Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity - Photo 5

"The charity story comes from the heart, we just go on behalf of everyone to support, we are very grateful to be able to support the people in the Central region.

We had to sweat and shed tears to get where we are today, so we can't because of the story of Thuy Tien going to charity that many people say we block, curse our parents, our daughter doesn't. nothing, including breaking our rice cooker.

This time, we spoke up because we couldn't sit still and let people trample," Cong Vinh said on his wife's livestream.

Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity - Photo 6

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