Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a "moral" clip about humanity before Miss Universe?

Gia HoàngOct 26, 2023 at 10:08

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Recently, although there has been no noise on social networks, it can be seen that Miss Universe Vietnam is gradually preparing to "conquer" the international arena in the near future.

Recently, the beauty community was stirred by the clip introducing Bui Quynh Hoa's message to Miss Universe. This is the beauty's first move towards international competition, after she was boycotted after being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2023.

In the clip, the beauty from Hanoi introduces in Vietnamese the project to protect women's health, especially gynecological diseases.

Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a moral clip about humanity before Miss Universe? - Photo 1

Even though she remained hidden after becoming Vietnam's representative at the Miss Universe 2023 contest, Bui Quynh Hoa still quietly and correctly implemented all the procedures required by the organization and did not forget to introduce the project and message. of herself to international friends and fans, preparing for the Miss Universe journey that will take place this coming November in El Salvador.

Not long ago, many pictures of Bui Quynh Hoa going to charity after a series of noise were spread on many beauty forums, although this beauty did not announce or announce it to the audience.

Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a moral clip about humanity before Miss Universe? - Photo 2

Specifically, on the morning of October 23, social networks suddenly spread images of Bui Quynh Hoa participating in community activities in Da Lat city, Lam Dong.

The queen wore simple, comfortable clothes and kept her face bare, without any makeup. In these images, Bui Quynh Hoa's appearance is quite radiant and does not seem to be too affected by the recent scandals.

This moment quickly garnered a large amount of interaction. However, similar to before, the new Miss Universe Vietnam could not avoid the wave of negative comments from the online community. This caused a series of images of Bui Quynh Hoa participating in community activities at this location to be removed immediately afterwards.

Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a moral clip about humanity before Miss Universe? - Photo 3

Or recently, the queen was also spotted appearing on the street in a pink ao dai, comfortably posing. The public believes that Bui Quynh Hoa is preparing a video promoting Vietnam to attach to her profile at the Miss Universe arena.

Coming to Miss Universe, Bui Quynh Hoa made many beauty fans uneasy when she received absolutely no support from her home country fans.

The beauty from Hanoi is constantly "surrounded" by a series of noises about her personal life. Bui Quynh Hoa also followed Miss Y Nhi to become a beauty that made the public angry and upset when she was crowned the highest position at Miss Universe Vietnam 2023.

Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a moral clip about humanity before Miss Universe? - Photo 4

This detail is completely detrimental to the queen at Miss Universe when this playground is promoting the voting system to look for candidates who will be given a special place in the top 16 finals. For many years, Vietnamese representatives have continuously "dominated" this segment with the achievements of Khanh Van - Kim Duyen in the two seasons of Miss Universe 2020 and Miss Universe 2021.

However, Miss Universe 2023 completely "turned the tables" when Bui Quynh Hoa was suddenly absent from the top 10 contestants receiving the highest votes announced by the contest organizers a few days ago.

Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a moral clip about humanity before Miss Universe? - Photo 5

Not to mention that Bui Quynh Hoa's scandal at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 final night also reached the ears of the Miss Universe organization. A large number of domestic antifans simultaneously left comments denouncing the queen for "going through the back door", knowing in advance that the question of behavior on the Miss Universe home page made it impossible for this organization to ignore.

The Miss Universe organizing committee also issued an official dispatch to check the transparency of the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 season. This noise has largely made Bui Quynh Hoa lose favor in the eyes of international friends.

Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a moral clip about humanity before Miss Universe? - Photo 6

For many years, the Vietnamese representative has been quite proactive and diligent in sharing her training journey before going to war through the Road to Miss Universe series. However, Bui Quynh Hoa remained silent. How the model prepared, how she practiced, and how much she improved her skills is still an unanswered mystery. Although knowing that this is a safe choice for Bui Quynh Hoa in the midst of being "surrounded" by dramas, the public cannot give perspectives, objective assessments and specific suggestions to beauties as representatives. ahead.

Bui Quynh Hoa officially returns, posting a moral clip about humanity before Miss Universe? - Photo 7

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