BTS's temporary disbandment is a big s.hock

RoséJun 21, 2022 at 10:32

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The announcement shocked fans. After that, BTS' management company Big Hit Music had to correct it to appease public opinion. The company confirmed that BTS is not disbanding but only focusing on individual activities in the near future.

On June 14, in the BTS Festa Dinner video posted on BANGTANTV channel, male singer Suga revealed that 7 BTS members plan to develop individual careers in the near future. BTS's joint activities are not completely frozen, but they are temporarily set aside for the group to focus on their own projects.

This is just a simple sharing, no deep meaning from a Kpop star. However, in just a short time, this revelation has shaken the entire business of the Korean music industry - the field that plays an important role in the kimchi economy and is a source of pride. large in this country.

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The announcement shocked fans. After that, BTS' management company Big Hit Music had to correct it to appease public opinion. The company confirmed that BTS is not disbanding but only focusing on individual activities in the near future.

At the same time, BTS achieved a series of new achievements even though the group previously announced that it was temporarily suspending activities to allow the members to develop solo. Although not heavily promoted, BTS's new album " Proof" impresses when topping Billboard's main album chart. This is an admirable achievement of 7 Big Hit boys.

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Specifically, the latest, Billboard officially announced that BTS's album "Proof" won the first place on the Top 200 Album chart. This is a weekly chart of the most popular albums in the US, as measured by physical album sales and other digital sales records.

Accordingly, the album "Proof" achieved a respectable number of sales in the US, much larger than the album of any group released so far in 2022. According to Luminate, "Proof" has sold more than 314,000 copies. in the first week of release.

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With this achievement, "Proof" also becomes BTS's 6th album to reach No. 1 on Billboard, after "Love Yourself: Tear", "Love Yourself: Answer", "Map of the Soul: Persona". ...

Meanwhile, the title song of "Proof" is "Yet to Come" (The Most Beautiful Moment) has officially surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

The newly released BTS song collection album "Proof" is also the end of the first chapter of BTS' journey. After this chapter, the group will go to a new chapter together when doing solo activities and then return as a group, promising to bring "energy unlike anything before".

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The announcement of BTS's hiatus, as well as the fluctuation in HYBE's stock price, are lessons of great significance for the entire Korean entertainment market. Company shares fell across the board.

In the morning of June 15, the stock value of HYBE - the company responsible for managing b.oy group BTS - dropped by more than 25%. HYBE faces a big risk as the company loses 2 trillion won (about 1.6 billion USD) in market capitalization.

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Before HYBE, some other companies have faced similar problems, such as YG Entertainment when Big Bang members started their military service in 2017, or SM Entertainment when EXO gradually enlisted since 2019. They overcame this difficulty by letting other members of the group do solo activities and debuting new artists.

BTS generated 98.2% of revenue for HYBE in 2018. The company sought to diversify its investment portfolio by acquiring several entertainment and technology companies. However, after many efforts, this rate decreased to 87.7% in October 2020.

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In 2021, HYBE's revenue increased from 790 billion won (about 612 million USD) to 1.25 trillion won (about 968 million USD) and BTS's share dropped to 67%. However, the group is still the artist with the largest contribution. That's why not only fans but also shareholders pay attention to every move of BTS.

BTS's temporary disbandment is a big s.hock - Photo 7

Kim Hyun Yong - analyst at Hyundai Motor Securities, commented, "It's all known that BTS members have to perform their military service, and the group will suspend activities one day. Just this announcement. came unexpectedly, at an unexpected time, so it freaked everyone out.This could be an opportunity for HYBE to prove they are not only BTS's management company, but also an entertainment company with diversified business models".

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