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BTS suspending activities is opposed by the President of the Korea Singers Association

Rosé11:44:36 23/06/2022
The group's suspension revelations reflect the "factory system" of K-pop entertainment companies. As leader RM confesses, K-pop is not a genre of music but a by-product of a complex and harsh production system. BTS wants to rest and the group members want to spend time...

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BTS's temporary disbandment is a big s.hock

Rosé10:32:49 21/06/2022
The announcement shocked fans. After that, BTS' management company Big Hit Music had to correct it to appease public opinion. The company confirmed that BTS is not disbanding but only focusing on individual activities in the near future. On June 14, in the BTS Festa Dinner video...

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BTS received great news amid disbandment rumors

Rosé16:22:27 18/06/2022
Not only having a remarkable achievement with physical sales, BTS's new album also swept all charts on music platforms. With this latest achievement, 7 Korean boys currently own 4 albums with the highest first-week sales in Hanteo history, including "Map of the soul: 7"...

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BTS is about to collaborate with Charlie Puth, the comeback album is suddenly "unlucky"

An Nhi17:12:56 08/06/2022
Besides the news that BTS is about to return in June with the album Proof to celebrate their 9th debut anniversary, Charlie Puth's implicit confirmation of the rumor of collaborating with "7 boys" is also making fans restless. Recently, rumors about the collaboration between...

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BTS will become the owner of the first K-pop song to be played outside of Earth

Hoàng Anh16:47:02 19/05/2022
It can be said that with their increasing global popularity, BTS's songs, old or new, have received strong attention and interest. Notably, recently, fans were excited with the news that BTS will be the owner of the first K-pop song to be broadcast outside of Earth. This...

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BTS: The new album was simultaneously called for by fans to boycott, related to sensitive accusations

Hoàng Anh09:54:38 13/05/2022
Related to musician Bobby Chung was once investigated for secretly filming and sexually assaulting his girlfriend. Fans urged BTS to remove "Filter", a song composed by Bobby Chung, from the album "Proof". B.oy group BTS is expected to release the new album Proof on June 10 - 3...

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BTS was judged by a Doctor: Recent songs are "bland and half-hearted"

Rosé11:52:00 10/05/2022
David A. Tizzard commented that instead of creating different things to dominate their own market, BTS followed trends to conquer US music charts. After many days of waiting, the first CD of BTS's new album "Proof" has been revealed. At the same time, the house group HYBE also...

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