BTS received great news amid disbandment rumors

RoséJun 18, 2022 at 16:22

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Not only having a remarkable achievement with physical sales, BTS's new album also swept all charts on music platforms. With this latest achievement, 7 Korean boys currently own 4 albums with the highest first-week sales in Hanteo history, including " Map of the soul: 7", " Proof", "BE". and "Map of the Soul: Persona".

Recently, BTS released a new album called "Proof" marking the 9-year journey as a K-Pop artist. Immediately after its release, the album "stormed" all over the world, setting many records on music platforms. Notably, this is the album with the highest first-week sales in 2022.

The album "Proof" collected 222.4 million streams in its first week of release, breaking the record for most debut album by a Korean artist in 2022 and Spotify's history. The previous record was set by their own 2020 album, "BE".

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"Proof" also became the first album by an Asian group and artist to surpass 200 million streams in its first week, with BTS doing so in just six days.

Additionally, BTS simultaneously ranked 9 of their albums, the most of any artist on Spotify's "Global Top Albums" chart this week, with "Proof" taking the top spot at No. 2 (June 10-16).

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According to Hanteo's statistics, "Proof" sold a total of 2,752,496 copies in its first week of release, marking the album with the highest number of first-week sales this year. This is also the 2nd album in terms of first week sales in Hanteo history. Holding the record for album sales is also BTS, which is the album "Map of the Soul: 7" in 2020. This album sold a record number of 3,378,633 copies in the first week alone.

With this latest achievement, 7 Korean boys currently own 4 albums with the highest first-week sales in Hanteo history, including "Map of the soul: 7", "Proof", "BE". and "Map of the Soul: Persona".

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On June 15, the famous Korean group BTS announced to suspend activities for the members to pursue individual careers. Immediately, the stock price of the management company Hybe plummeted from 192,500 won at the close of June 14 to the bottom of 139,000 won, losing nearly 28% of the market price. This is the all-time low for Hybe stock since the entertainment company was listed in October 2020.

In the session of June 16, this stock continued to decrease around the 140,000 won mark, then increased slightly but closed at 147,500 won per unit. Accumulating the past two days, Hybe's market capitalization was swept away by more than 1.5 billion USD.

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The announcement of the shutdown was announced through a video on the official YouTube account of the BTS group. 7 members and Hybe confirmed that the group will not disband, but only focus on each person's individual activities.

"This will be a time to develop for each member through different activities, thereby nurturing the group's long-term vision," a representative of Hybe said.

Right after announcing the cessation of group activities, many members of BTS revealed their solo plans. This also proves that BTS has been preparing silently for a long time for the group separation, this is just the time they chose to announce.

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Korean media reported that 3 BTS members including j-hope, V and Jungkook are actively preparing for the final stages of individual activities.

j-hope will be the first member of BTS to launch his solo project. Around mid-July, the male idol will release his first album instead of mixtape like before.

Recently on the show "Radio Star", famous lyricist Kim Eana shared about collaborating with member V on his solo album. She said it was V who asked her to collaborate with male singer Park Hyo Shin, and actively sent her some pre-recorded recordings.

BTS received great news amid disbandment rumors - Photo 6

Besides, the youngest Jungkook has also revealed his own solo activities. Most recently, the male idol will have a collaboration with Charlie Puth on the singer's new single "We don't talk anymore" at the end of this June.

Despite the affirmation that BTS is not disbanding, securities companies still lower the target price of Hybe stock significantly. Hana Financial Investment - one of the leading securities companies in Korea, has lowered the target price of this stock by 16%, to only 360,000 won (from 430,000 won). This unit believes that Hybe's third-quarter earnings decline is inevitable.

BTS received great news amid disbandment rumors - Photo 7

Lee Ki Hoon, an analyst at Hana Financial Investment, pointed out, "The members said this is not a disbandment, but investors need to carefully take into account BTS's gap in Hybe's profit estimate. in 2023".

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