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Topic: Blackpink Renews Contract

BLACKPINK was preempted by YG, claiming there was no way to spend hundreds of billions to re-sign the contract

Thanh Phúc15:31:21 26/03/2024
Recently, YG Entertainment - the management unit of Korea's top music group - just announced that there is no way to spend hundreds of billions to re-sign contracts with 4 girls. The rumors that have been spreading recently are all false.

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BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback

Đông Nguyên09:35:54 22/03/2024
The impressive amount of m.oney that YG agreed to spend just to re-sign the contract with Blackpink made the online community shake. It can be seen that the value of this group has increased a lot.

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BLACKPINK's contract extension with YG is actually a conspiracy: Many shocking stories behind it

Bình Yên15:24:15 20/12/2023
After Blackpink renewed their contract with YG, information about the girls was of interest to the media. Specifically, after the news of renewing the contract of the 4 YG girls, the company's stock price increased by about 30% in just about 1 week.

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BLACKPINK's future is decided, individual contracts of 4 members are revealed, there are many surprises

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:21:45 19/12/2023
After officially renewing the group contract with YG, BLACKPINK still makes fans worried because the individual contract has not yet been decided. Many Korean experts have also predicted the future of four famous Kpop beauties.

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BLACKPINK 'exposed conflicts' after contract re-signing: Jisoo 'paired up' with Rosé, Jennie - Lisa in conflict

Gia Nhi13:58:27 14/12/2023
The group BLACKPINK continues to storm public opinion with a new series of photos of the four members Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo. After re-signing with YG Entertainment, the girls received more attention. But with this detail, the 4 girls revealed their contradictions.

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BLACKPINK was taken advantage of after renewing the group contract, put in a difficult position by YG, "hunched over" to carry one thing?

Châu Anh10:42:33 10/12/2023
Information about BLACKPINK renewing the group's contract with YG is still a h.ot topic with the media and fans. However, side stories are also dissected by many netizens, attracting equally attention on social networking forums.

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BLACKPINK "breaks up": Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé "turns around" unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:46:56 23/09/2023
In recent days, the news that three of the four BLACKPINK girls have chosen a new direction, with only Rosé staying, is attracting the attention of fan communities everywhere. A survey was also created to vote for the member whose decision to leave shocked them the most.

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YG responds to rumors that Lisa (BlackPink) refused a "huge" contract, is SM about to lose "golden egg-laying hen" Irene?

Snow09:36:04 16/09/2023
Amid rising questions from the media and fans, YG once again spoke up about the rumor that Lisa (BlackPink) did not renew her contract with the management company.

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BLACKPINK's fate has been decided: YG leaks "confidential" information - will they continue to re-sign?

An Tư07:32:01 19/08/2023
Recently, YG Entertainment made an official announcement — regarding the final concert night — to close BLACKPINK's BORN PINK world tour in Seoul, South Korea.

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BLACKPINK has a "7-year curse" that does not renew with YG, the concert is criticized the worst in history for 1 reason?

Pipi08:02:50 16/05/2023
Although in the recent concert, Rosé affirmed that BLACKPINK will still be together, however, many questions have been raised, causing fans to worry that the group will be affected by the "7-year curse" of Kpop, so far, very few group can pass this milestone. It is known that...

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