BLACKPINK, BTS were 'surpassed', miserably behind one name, Kpop fans 'fell flat'

PinkyMar 11, 2024 at 19:31

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The two leading Korean music groups, BlackPink and BTS, seem to have no competitors in the Kpop realm. However, recently, according to experts' statistics, both were 'surpassed' by another group, shocking Kpop fans.

Recently, the Korean Brand Reputation Research Institute announced the brand value rankings of Kpop groups in March 2024 and Seventeen surpassed famous groups such as BTS, BlackPink, NewJeans, EXO, NCT or aespa. ... to win the top position for the third time in a row this year. This change of position made international audiences extremely surprised because in recent years, the coverage of BTS and BlackPink has been "unmatched" in the global music field.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 1

To explain Seventeen's sudden rise, it seems to have to rely on the three factors "favorable weather, favorable terrain, and harmonious people", because at this time, most of BTS members are in the army, while the four golden girls of YG remain. is busy with solo activities, especially "expanding" into the fashion and beauty industry.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 2

Therefore, this is a golden time for the boys of Seventeen to break through and rise up. Seventeen originally came from a mid-range entertainment company, did not receive much support and investment, and even in the early years of their debut they had to compete with "monster rookies" like iKON, G- Friend or TWICE in a situation where the management company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Watching their journey from scratch, many viewers have to admit that Seventeen is an extremely strong and talented group.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 3

Seventeen's debut situation was extremely difficult when the vice president of Pledis at that time had to sell his own house to get m.oney to support the group's debut. So when they first "got their feet wet" in the entertainment industry, Seventeen did not receive as much backing and support as many other groups, the 13 boys even had to live in a cramped dormitory. , training also takes place in the company's basement.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 4

Seventeen's first album only sold just over 1,400 copies. It wasn't until 3 years later with the album An Ode that the name Seventeen was officially popularized. In the following years of their career, the group continued to set memorable records by "selling" more than 1 million albums in just a few days and making their name as one of the best album-selling groups of the Kpop idol generation. gen 3. The group even surpassed BTS, becoming the artist group with the highest album sales in the first week of release.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 5

It seemed that all difficulties would overwhelm the 13 young men when they were not invested in, promoted too loudly and had to shoulder a lot of pressure, but it seemed that their love for music, their burning passion and their tireless efforts Seventeen's efforts have been rewarded with recognition from audiences and experts.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 6

Seventeen is built with a self-produced music group model, consisting of 13 members and divided into 3 units: singing, performing and hiphop. The group's albums are all "homegrown" as the main members are those who directly participate in the production process. Perhaps this interesting factor is what makes Seventeen have a unique color, contrary to market groups. In addition to their proven talent, each member's sincere personality, simplicity and rusticity are also what captured the audience's hearts.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 7

It can be seen that Seventeen's success at the present time is the 'sweet fruit' of their constant efforts and efforts. Furthermore, the group and its management unit also very well grasped the opportunity, breaking out at the right time, dominating Kpop in the first 3 months of 2024, "surpassing" a series of other famous music groups.

BLACKPINK, BTS were surpassed, miserably behind one name, Kpop fans fell flat - Photo 8

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