Ironically inferior to Fang My Chi, Huang Thuy Linh shockingly exposed the true person of the junior

Yang MiOct 02, 2023 at 07:32

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Before being compared and thought to imitate Hoang Thuy Linh, Phuong My Chi made statements to clarify the matter. Recently, the "See love" singer has also officially spoken out about the juniors who are following him.

Hoang Thuy Linh is probably the name with the most controversy at the current stage with his condescending attitude as well as the answers to the press "this man's beard sticks her chin" that made many people angry and condemned the boycott.

Even before that, Vietnamese Concert tickets struggled to sell out. Vietnamese Concert - the first live concert in Hoang Thuy Linh's singing career - took place at Phu Tho Gymnasium (HCMC), attracting the attention of the audience and the media. The concert featured guest artists Thanh Bui, Wren Evans and Den Vau, attracting more than 7,000 audiences.

Ironically inferior to Fang My Chi, Huang Thuy Linh shockingly exposed the true person of the junior - Photo 1

Vietnamese concert is not only a concert celebrating 13 years of Hoang Thuy Linh's singing but also a story sent by her and a crew of hundreds of people through 19 performances, arranged in stages: Khoi - Ceremony - Thuy - Linh - Hoang.

After the Vietnamese concert ended and left many resonances of Hoang Thuy Linh when the singer "spent heavily" in her first live show. Unique ideas, each stunning staging performance, eye-catching choreography... are the compliments that the majority of the audience gave to the concert.

In particular, the singer does quite well in bringing traditional Vietnamese folklore materials into the program such as images of banyan trees, unicorn heads, Ms. Tam, fruit thi ... Turn the concert into a colorful "festival".

Ironically inferior to Fang My Chi, Huang Thuy Linh shockingly exposed the true person of the junior - Photo 2

After the concert ended with many emotions, recently on her personal Facebook page, Hoang Thuy Linh posted a long article summarizing a memorable milestone in the singer's career, the Vietnamese Concert held on September 29 at Phu Tho Gymnasium.

The singer said that she and her crew have been "conceived" this concert for the past 1 year: " Hoang Thuy Linh and the crew took a year to come up with ideas about the line as well as materials for all performances, with the hope that the audience will enjoy a trendy but also familiar "music festival" because of the traditional cultural and entertainment materials The inherent capital is in every man."

Ironically inferior to Fang My Chi, Huang Thuy Linh shockingly exposed the true person of the junior - Photo 3

In addition, Hoang Thuy Linh also clarified the content of each performance in the program, each song, each chapter in the Vietnamese Concert has a seamless connection with each other, creating a meaningful story that Hoang Thuy Linh wants to convey to the audience through music and stage staging.

Below the post, a large number of viewers, friends and colleagues left congratulations to Hoang Thuy Linh for creating a successful and explosive night. In particular, Phuong My Chi also left a message for the seniors: "So beautiful, sister, I congratulate Ms. Linh".

Soon after, the owner of the hit song To Mu also responded to Phuong My Chi's congratulations: "You are wonderful, Chi.. Congratulations to you with a great album and epic showcase with a loving audience! Strong and adorable baby! Try!".

Ironically inferior to Fang My Chi, Huang Thuy Linh shockingly exposed the true person of the junior - Photo 4

Through Hoang Thuy Linh's feedback, many viewers also learned that despite being busy with the schedule of preparing for the Vietnamese Concert, the singer still paid attention to other colleagues' products and projects. Besides, the singer also made many people excited when revealing Phuong My Chi's personality as a strong and lovely g.irl although Hoang Thuy Linh was previously sarcastically said by fans that she was far behind juniors when the clip of Gen Z singer standing in the rain singing live.

Ironically inferior to Fang My Chi, Huang Thuy Linh shockingly exposed the true person of the junior - Photo 5

Not long ago, when Phuong My Chi launched a new music project, Quang Le's students were also smart and clever said: "It cannot be said that young people follow when working on national culture, nor should they use those bad words to deter the young generation. Chi is extremely proud of Vietnamese culture. Each ethnic group has its own unique culture. Therefore, Chi always wants to learn and transmit those beauties to a large audience, especially Gen Z so that people can have a closer look and love their country's culture."

Ironically inferior to Fang My Chi, Huang Thuy Linh shockingly exposed the true person of the junior - Photo 6

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