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NewJeans' "mother" turned around, supported ILLIT, and danced to the pirated band's hits?

Đình Như21:36:58 28/05/2024
While the mother of NewJeans, Min Hee Jin, and the father of BTS, Bang Si Hyuk, were fighting fiercely and had not come to an end, the online community suddenly spread a clip of the mother of NewJeans performing ILLIT's dance moves.

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aespa confronts NewJeans, Karina shows attitude, recalls the "trampled" text message drama

Châu Anh09:10:38 28/05/2024
Once wanted to be stepped on by HYBE president Bang Shi Hyuk, aespa had a strong counterattack, causing a storm in the Kpop music industry. Besides, the current relationship between SM artists and NewJeans is a h.ot topic of discussion on forums.

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aespa expressed intention to "challenge" Bang Si Hyuk to "step on" and return to explode and suppress Kbiz's rebellion

Nguyễn Kim15:41:27 14/05/2024
Recently, aespa released MV Supernova from their first full album Armageddon with top investment in melody and song content. From here, many people repeated the message of HYBE Labels president Bang Shi Hyuk wanting to trample on the group.

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Winter (aespa) shares dad's message on Bubble, reveals subtext about "BTS father"

Phương Thảo16:39:14 09/05/2024
According to some sources, Winter made a hidden move when she shared the content of her biological father's messages on the Bubble platform. The content shared is said to be a response from the Winter family to President HYBE.

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Fromis_9 was neglected by HYBE since their debut, not allowing a comeback, just for 1 reason

Quỳnh Như10:55:00 09/05/2024
In the midst of the storm, New Jeans and HYBE have caused a stir recently. Although Fromis_ 9 was less affected in the middle of the war of rights between the two sides, they still did not have a comeback like other groups despite debuting for 7 years, but the age gradually faded...

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NewJeans is reeling from Hyein's absence from new comeback, fans are outraged

Diệu Anh15:21:26 08/05/2024
Amid Min Hee Jin and HYBE's intense denunciation, ADOR's agency announced that Hyein would not be promoting her comeback. At the same time, it called on the company to respect and keep New Jeans away from the battle for power between the parties.

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Min Hee Jin is paid a huge salary by HYBE, how outstanding is her ability?

Phi Đức15:59:07 30/04/2024
As the conflict between HYBE Chairman - Bang Si Hyuk and NewJeans' mother - CEO Min Hee Jin is increasing, the details surrounding the recent press conference that shocked Korean showbiz have aroused even more interest.

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Suspicion of Bang Shi Hyuk and HYBE related to the cult "DAHN WORLD"

Chitshere07:40:44 29/04/2024
Recently, the Korean online community (Knet) was stirred by the suspicion that Bang Shi Hyuk, founder of HYBE Corporation - the company that manages the band BTS, is related to the mysterious cult DAMN WORLD (also known as Dahnworld). .

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Even though NewJeans benefited from HYBE, they were still treated unfairly by Bang Si Hyuk?

Khánh Huyền10:24:46 28/04/2024
After many accusations from CEO Min Hee Jin, fans found out the unfair points that president Bang Si Hyuk treated NewJeans. Although they benefited from their seniors and received a lot of support from HYBE, perhaps the 5 girls were never truly loved by Mr. Bang.

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NewJeans absent from HYBE's concert, estranged after 'family turmoil'?

Phong Trần07:19:23 25/04/2024
The tension between HYBE and Min Hee Jin - CEO of subsidiary company ADOR is currently causing a stir in the Korean entertainment industry and shows no signs of stopping. Currently, the object most affected by this noise seems to be the g.irl group NewJeans.

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Bang Si Hyuk: father of the global music group BTS, "tycoon" of the HYBE empire

Phương Thảo14:48:04 24/04/2024
In recent days, Bang Si Hyuk is a name that is being mentioned a lot due to a heated argument with CEO Min Hee Jin about family troubles. Rising from difficulties, up to now, Chairman Bang has achieved successes that make...

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NewJeans parents publicly supported Min Hee Jin, netizens sighed sadly

Phong Trần15:27:40 23/04/2024
Amid the conflict between HYBE and Min Hee Jin, industry representatives revealed that NewJeans parents as well as members all unanimously support the statements and direction of this infamous female CEO.

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CEO Ador was investigated, New Jeans got into trouble, HYBE intentionally dragged ILLIT into it?

Chitshere19:46:50 22/04/2024
HYBE Group is starting to exercise control over ADOR - the subsidiary that manages the New Jeans group and is asking CEO Min Hee Jin to resign. In particular, she is also the person who gave birth to New Jeans, so it causes even more concern.

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Compare the education of the 4 "big guys" Kpop YG - SM - JYP - HYBE: "Father" BLACKPINK is far behind the competitors

Hoàng Phúc15:52:43 11/08/2022
The presidents all possess excellent leadership abilities. Since their school days, they have impressed with a series of great achievements. However, the president of YG surprised many fans because he did not study well, but he still made a great career. Park Jin Young - JYP...

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Suga - From a delivery worker who doesn't have m.oney to take the bus to the second richest "music wizard" in BTS

Hoàng Phúc10:07:05 25/06/2022
Suga is a member of the popular group BTS. In addition to being a rapper, he is also famous as a musician and music producer with the stage name Agust D. However, few people know that this guy had a difficult time before becoming one of the seven guys. The famous b.oy of the b.oy...

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Bang Si Hyuk - The "big man" behind BTS, who is the only billionaire of Kpop?

Hoàng Phúc11:25:11 21/04/2022
The "big man" behind BTS has gone through a long journey to reach the top and become one of the powerful figures of Korean showbiz. Debuted in 2013, BTS has now become one of the top music groups in the world, continuously achieving great success domestically and...

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Big Hit Music takes strong legal action against those who defame and defame BTS

Rosé08:48:33 01/04/2022
The management company has zero tolerance for actions aimed at "global groups". Big Hit Music has shared an update on their legal proceedings on behalf of the master artist BTS. Accordingly, on March 31, Big Hit Music shared the following statement in English: "Hello. This is...

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