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Lisa accompanied a series of "big guys" from the Korean tycoon to eat, knowing why everyone respected their calculations

Châu Anh07:13:25 20/12/2023
Recently, netizens have been surprised by Lisa's increasingly wide circle of friends. The youngest member of BLACKPINK continuously appears with international personalities. Most recently, Lisa also stunned when having a meal with all famous Korean characters.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) suddenly had an offensive video released at C.razy Horse, the authorities investigated

Kim Lâm11:24:51 17/12/2023
Lisa's (BLACKPINK) performance at C.razy Horse in France nearly 3 months ago shocked the international fan community and media. Recently, an offensive clip suspected to be of Lisa at a nightclub suddenly appeared on social networks, attracting attention.

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Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the "long slide" of her career

An Nhi13:31:37 15/12/2023
The issue of renewing the individual contracts of Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie attracted a lot of attention after the news that BLACKPINK renewed their group contracts. Among them, Lisa is the member who receives the most attention. Recently, she spoke directly about this issue.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) suspects going to France to live with her billionaire boyfriend, fans are "worried" for one reason

Nguyễn Tuyết09:37:42 14/12/2023
After BLACKPINK officially re-signed the contract with the management company, news of Lisa settling in France suddenly surfaced, confusing fans; Suspicious signs were also given to prove this was true.

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Lisa returns to Korea after being suspected of living with her boyfriend in France, strange appearance, surprising attitude of fans

Châu Anh09:02:12 14/12/2023
Recently, the news that Lisa settled in France with her CEO boyfriend made fans confused when the situation of BLACKPINK's contract had just been re-signed. Until recently, the female idol returned to Korea, notably her fresh appearance received attention from everyone.

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Lisa posts dating clip amid BLACKPINK contract renewal, hinting at solo activity

Hướng Dương13:38:20 06/12/2023
Over the past few days, Lisa has continuously taken over social media when r.evealing photos in France. Most recently, she once again attracted the attention of fans when she publicized the clip during a date with her billionaire boyfriend.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriend's c.hild, hard evidence to refute?

Phượng Vũ11:59:57 04/12/2023
Not long ago, Lisa was spotted watching football with her billionaire boyfriend after a breakup. During this r.eveal, the idol showed signs of weight gain, sparking rumors of good news.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) was "loved like a thin egg" by her CEO boyfriend, sent bodyguards to accompany her, and who said breakup?

Nguyễn Kim10:27:29 03/12/2023
Since the C.razy Horse show, Lisa has not only suffered a career impact, but her relationship with her billionaire boyfriend has also been plagued by rumors. Recently, all bad rumors have been brushed off after a series of considerate actions of the CEO towards the youngest BLACKPINK brother.

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Lisa followed Jennie to act in a movie, fans discovered hard-to-dispute evidence, the young copy was called out again

Snow07:25:59 30/11/2023
Accidentally r.evealing a moment of low beauty, Lisa is determined to regain her form with a series of daily photos while watching football in Paris (France). Notably, her rumored boyfriend - Frédéric Arnault was also present.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) revealed a haggard moment in France, still becoming the god of luck for Thai people

Phi Yến15:35:57 28/11/2023
After a business trip with the other 3 members of BLACKPINK, Lisa was caught in a less-than-beautiful moment in her daily life. Many people speculate that she went to France to meet the billionaire's boyfriend.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) did not return to Korea because she was busy planning her career, a detail related to Jisoo caused curiosity.

Phi Yến09:51:47 25/11/2023
After the banquet at the British royal palace, Lisa did not return to Korea with her sisters, making many people wonder why she fought alone. Some netizens speculate that the female idol went to France on a date with her boyfriend.

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Lisa was "snubbed" by her boyfriend at a birthday party, and prepared to return to C.razy Horse to "please" his family.

Uyển Đình11:46:59 21/11/2023
Information about Lisa (BLACKPINK) has recently become a h.ot topic on social networks. Recently, the female idol was also said to be preparing to return to C.razy Horse, the reason being related to the billionaire boyfriend's family.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) stayed with her billionaire boyfriend all week, relatives suddenly revealed their relationship

Nguyễn Tuyết13:23:23 19/11/2023
The moment Lisa smiled brightly like a flower while shopping at the Celine store showed that she was in an extremely comfortable mood amid the turmoil surrounding her. Rumors of breaking up with the billionaire's boyfriend have also been quelled since then.

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Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), "smashing" rumors of going their separate ways

Hướng Dương16:35:54 17/11/2023
Recently, Lisa and Frédéric Arnault have been repeatedly questioned about breaking up after a short period of dating. Silent for many days, the male CEO finally made a move to prove their relationship.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) is the replacement, her identity as a beauty who rejected her billionaire boyfriend shocked her

Nguyễn Tuyết16:07:57 13/11/2023
The relationship between Lisa and Frédéric Arnault is the focus of public and media attention. The male CEO is said to have been rejected by a beauty so he changed his subject to the youngest member of BLACKPINK.

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Lisa encountered a new "distress", leaked more clips at the nightclub, many provocative actions that made her "blush"?

An Nhi09:39:21 13/11/2023
Since the performance at C.razy Horse nightclub, Lisa has continuously encountered many bad luck. Recently, a new clip appeared on social networks believed to be of Lisa at this nightclub. Worth mentioning, her blushing actions caused a lot of controversy.

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Billionaire boyfriend took advantage of Lisa (BLACKPINK) to promote his business and lost m.oney, so they broke up?

Nguyễn Tuyết16:57:59 12/11/2023
The latest information related to Frédéric Arnault and Lisa is attracting special attention from the public. Many people suspect that the male CEO is dating a 26-year-old idol just for commercial purposes.

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Lisa's (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family

Hướng Dương13:35:34 09/11/2023
The news that Frédéric Arnault and his youngest brother Hac Huong went their separate ways a few days ago made the online community stir. Until recently, netizens accidentally came across an image of a male CEO being intimate with a strange g.irl.

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Billionaire boyfriend reveals the reason for abandoning Lisa (BLACKPINK), the idol goddess after "blockade" attracts attention

Hoa Tuyết07:05:45 06/11/2023
Since the news of Lisa's Chinese lockdown spread, every move of the idol and the person involved has become the focus, attracting the attention of the public; Billionaire Frédéric Arnault is no exception.

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Lisa was abandoned by her billionaire boyfriend, showed off her photos "in the eyes" of her fans, accidentally revealed something that "denounced" her mental decline?

Kim Lâm07:20:12 25/10/2023
Recently, Lisa has been constantly called out in unnecessary noise. Leaving the role of BLACKPINK's innocent youngest sister, Lisa gradually became more daring, most notably participating in the C.razy Horse Show in Paris.

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Lisa revealed more "hints" of her love affair with her billionaire boyfriend, publicly doing something special at her father's birthday

Kim Lâm07:06:30 16/10/2023
Appearing in her hometown of Thailand to attend her father's birthday, Lisa caused a stir with her simple, lovely appearance. At the same time, the rumored boyfriend's gift to Lisa's father made fans admire its luxury and value.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) leaked a clip of more than 3 minutes at a s.trip club, r.evealing her full "uncovered" performance?

Uyển Đình11:58:06 12/10/2023
After a 5-night performance at C.razy Horse s.trip club, Lisa returned to Korea but information about the show is still of interest to the public. A clip of Lisa's more than 3 minutes has just been spread by Chinese fans and received a huge amount of interaction.

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Leaking a clip of Lisa's family "touching" the billionaire prince after a meal, the idol's mother has an attention-grabbing reaction

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:19:07 05/10/2023
Social media is buzzing to share a clip of Lisa and her family having dinner with CEO Frédéric Arnault. Later, a relative of BLACKPINK's youngest brother had an interaction with the billionaire's son that caught attention.

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Lisa "stripped" her outfit and threw it at her rumored boyfriend during a striptease, the b.oy's parents expressed their attitude

An Nhi11:05:24 02/10/2023
Lisa's (BLACKPINK) blushing action towards her rumored boyfriend made many people present excited. It is known that the b.oy's mother was also present and attracted attention when she showed an unexpected expression towards the beauty of the Golden Temple.

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