Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), "smashing" rumors of going their separate ways

Hướng DươngNov 17, 2023 at 16:35

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Recently, Lisa and Frédéric Arnault have been repeatedly questioned about breaking up after a short period of dating. Silent for many days, the male CEO finally made a move to prove their relationship.

After Lisa's (BLACKPINK) Weibo social network account with more than 8 million followers was deleted because of her performance at French C.razy Horse Club, Chinese media continuously raised "question marks" about the relationship between the female idol and her boyfriend. billionaire - Frédéric Arnault.

Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), s.mashing rumors of going their separate ways - Photo 1

The most recent time was on the evening of November 10, Sohu newspaper suddenly published an article questioning that the son of the second richest billionaire in the world did not truly love his youngest sister Hac Huong, but only saw her as a pawn in the plan. family business. According to sources, a while ago the Frédéric family's group - LVMH announced dismal business results in the third quarter.

Accordingly, the group's revenue only increased slightly by 9% compared to the same period last year. It is worth mentioning that in the second quarter, the brand empire recorded a growth of 21%. In addition, the 9% increase was due to increased commodity prices, but in fact the number of orders decreased.

Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), s.mashing rumors of going their separate ways - Photo 2

Sohu newspaper emphasized that it was Lisa's show at C.razy Horse Paris nightclub a few months ago that dealt a blow to the relationship between her and the CEO born in 1995. The 26-year-old female idol was turned away by a series of Asian fans after her decision. planned to perform at a controversial location.

And that is said to cause LVMH's revenue in this continental market to continue to decline in the future. From here, Sohu realized that Frédéric saw that Lisa was not helping him in his business career, so he wanted to end the relationship as soon as possible.

Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), s.mashing rumors of going their separate ways - Photo 3

Also according to this source, Frédéric Arnault recently had a business trip to Shanghai, China. However, when asked by the media about his Thai girlfriend, the 28-year-old CEO just laughed and refused to answer the story about her being "assassinated" in a country of billions of people.

"Frédéric Arnault wanted to take advantage of his relationship with Lisa to promote business in Asia. When the female singer was boycotted by the Chinese market, their love story ran into trouble," Sohu raised the issue.

Rumors of the two breaking up were heightened when November 7 was Frédéric Arnault's birthday, but on social networks there was no image of Lisa going to France to celebrate her new age with her boyfriend. Chinese media once again had the opportunity to question the two of them "going their separate ways".

Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), s.mashing rumors of going their separate ways - Photo 4

However, the recent move of the son of the second richest billionaire in the world has made the public "turn around". Accordingly, the youngest member of BLACKPINK has just posted a behind-the-scenes video on her personal Instagram, on the day she was certified by Spotify for 1 billion streams with the song "Money". In front of the camera, she could not hide her happiness at the moment of being honored for her great achievement.

Notably, people discovered that Lisa's boyfriend - Frédéric Arnault had liked the above post. The move from the son of the second richest billionaire in the world immediately caused a stir on social networks. Many people believe that the two's relationship is still the same as before, so the CEO born in 1995 enthusiastically dropped his heart on his rumored girlfriend's post.

Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), s.mashing rumors of going their separate ways - Photo 5

This action is also said to be Frédéric's response to recent rumors, he implicitly showed the public that the relationship between himself and his "other half" is still good. There was no broken relationship like the media reported.

Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), s.mashing rumors of going their separate ways - Photo 6

The son of the second richest billionaire in the world and singer Lalisa were first questioned about their love affair in July this year, after being captured by the lens of a "passerby team" at a restaurant. In the video, the female idol born in 1997 leaned her head on Frédéric Arnault's shoulder, causing dating rumors to flare up.

After that, Frédéric brought the Thai-born beauty home to meet the family members and was welcomed by them with open arms. Besides, the billionaire's son also enjoyed a fun trip with Lisa's family on the Chao Phraya River in Thailand.

Billionaire boyfriend does something special for Lisa (BLACKPINK), s.mashing rumors of going their separate ways - Photo 7

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