Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the "long slide" of her career

An NhiDec 15, 2023 at 13:31

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The issue of renewing the individual contracts of Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie attracted a lot of attention after the news that BLACKPINK renewed their group contracts. Among them, Lisa is the member who receives the most attention. Recently, she spoke directly about this issue.

Although BLACKPINK has now re-signed a contract with YG, a part of fans cannot help but worry because the re-signed contract is only for the purpose of "group activities". As for individual contracts, on December 6, YG officials said that the company and the members are currently discussing.

Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the long slide of her career - Photo 1

While the members continuously made different moves on social networks after this announcement, Lisa was the only one who chose to stay silent. She caused controversy when she did not post anything related to the group or her re-signing, causing many negative rumors about the female idol to quickly appear.

On the morning of December 13, Lisa officially appeared at Incheon airport (South Korea) to prepare to leave for Thailand to attend the Céline brand event. The beauty born in 1997 wears youthful clothes and stylish layered hair. The female idol strode radiantly at the airport, not forgetting to wave to the media and fans, showing her overwhelming positive energy.

Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the long slide of her career - Photo 2

Here, Lisa was welcomed by many fans and made notable moves when it came to re-signing with BLACKPINK. Specifically, a fan shared on social networks about the rare opportunity that he had to chat with the female idol for a while. In the posted video, this fan congratulated Lisa on Blackpink's contract extension, then thanked the female idol.

Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the long slide of her career - Photo 3

Lisa was extremely happy, constantly smiling and replying "I'm thankful too" . Lisa's excited expression caught the attention of fans, immediately causing a stir on social networks.

According to those present that day, Lisa was in a very happy mood about everything around her, she even hugged some fans, showing that she was not affected by the negative comments on social media. social network.

Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the long slide of her career - Photo 4

Recently, Chinese media reported that Lisa is living with her boyfriend, CEO Frédéric Arnault. The young couple has been suspected of dating since last July. They also continuously revealed evidence of being together but decided not to make their relationship public to the media.

According to Naver, this year, Lisa stayed in Paris (France) for about 4-5 months. Last November, she went to France to attend her boyfriend's birth. The Thai female singer is also cared for and protected by her businessman boyfriend's personal bodyguard while in France.

During the period when the contract was not announced, Lisa was under a lot of pressure from fans. In particular, after her performance at the C.razy Horse s.trip club, she was boycotted by Korean and Chinese audiences, demanding her title as an idol singer be erased.

Even Lisa's personal page and fan page (fan page) on Weibo (China) were deleted, making many people curious. Lisa is said to be under covert m.urder in the Chinese market.

During this period, Lisa did not speak up, was absent from events, and posted quite a few pictures on her personal page. She spends time traveling and resting with her family.

Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the long slide of her career - Photo 5

Lisa has been with YG Entertainment since 2010. After 6 years of training, the Thai singer officially debuted to the audience as a rapper and dancer of the group Blackpink. Over the past 7 years, with her sisters in the group, Lisa has helped Blackpink become a global music group.

Lisa herself also has an impressive career in the fields of music and fashion. The beauty born in 1997 currently has 98.8 million registered followers on Instagram and is the member with the most fans of the Blackpink group.

Lisa directly talks about re-signing with YG, reacts when fans thank her after the long slide of her career - Photo 6

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