Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriend's c.hild, hard evidence to refute?

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Not long ago, Lisa was spotted watching football with her billionaire boyfriend after a breakup. During this r.eveal, the idol showed signs of weight gain, sparking rumors of good news.

On the evening of December 2, Sohu newspaper suddenly published an article questioning that the youngest BLACKPINK brother is pregnant with the first c.hild for CEO Frédéric Arnault, causing netizens to stir up controversy. According to the source, a few days ago, the idol born in 1997 showed signs of weight gain with a rather round face when she appeared at Parc des Princes stadium (France) to watch a football match.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 1

Reportedly, Lisa came to cheer for Lee Kang In when his team Paris Saint-Germain met Premier League team Newcastle United FC. Among the celebrities present, her rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault was the one who got the most attention. He sat in the back seat observing his girlfriend as well as the game. This is probably the first time the couple has appeared together after breakup questions were raised.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 2

Here, many people have noticed the appearance of vocalist Lalisa, she seems to have gained quite a lot of weight, revealing her protruding belly in a long leather jacket. Besides, about 1 week ago, when attending the state dinner at Buckingham Palace (England) and receiving the medal of honor, the Thai beauty was scrutinized for covering her stomach with her hands. Stringing together the facts, the Chinese newspaper raised the suspicion that she was voting.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 3

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 4

However, the aforementioned evidence is said to be inconclusive. First, Sohu claimed Lisa showed her protruding abdomen during an appearance at the stadium on Nov. 29 but was unable to provide any images to illustrate. In addition, the image of the 26-year-old idol covering her stomach with her hands cannot be seen as proof that she has "good news".

Not to mention, exactly 2 weeks ago, Lisa was also revealed with a slim waist, no signs of pregnancy on the day Spotify awarded a certificate of 1 billion streams with the song M.oney. Therefore, it is impossible to rely on the above facts to conclude that the youngest BLACKPINK is pregnant with the first c.hild for the rumored boyfriend. Currently, neither side has commented on the incident.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 5

Earlier, Lisa was seen appearing beautiful and radiant in a youthful outfit consisting of a pink top, denim pants, and loose hair. Accompanying the YG idol is a tall, thin man who is said to be one of Frédéric Arnault's two personal bodyguards.

Some sources said that singer Lalisa and her boyfriend had dinner at the h.ot pot restaurant, but to avoid attention, they did not appear together. Many fans recognized BLACKPINK's youngest sister and excitedly called out her name, offering to take a photo with her, but she seemed shy, confused and avoided the camera.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 6

Lisa and the son of the world's 2nd richest billionaire first became involved in an affair in July this year, after getting into the lens of a "passing team" at a restaurant. In the video, the idol born in 1997 acts of resting her head on the shoulder of Frédéric Arnault, causing dating rumors to flare up strongly.

Later, Frédéric brought the Thai beauty to the members of the family and was welcomed by them with open arms. In addition, people also caught the billionaire prince and Lisa's family enjoying a fun excursion on the Chao Phraya River in the land of golden pagodas.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 7

Frédéric Arnault is 28 years old, the second c.hild of Bernard Arnault and his second wife, pianist Hélène Mercier. Bernard Arnault founded the LVMH empire, which now owns 75 brands such as Dom Perignon, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Celine,...

According to Forbes, Bernard Arnault and the second richest family in the world, with a fortune of $ 223 billion. Earlier this year, the billionaire's fortune surpassed Elon Musk, making him the richest in the world.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 8

Lisa (real name Lalisa Manobal) is the only non-Korean member of the group BLACKPINK. She was born and raised in Thailand, before being discovered in an audition for YG Entertainment, at the age of 14.

In 2011, the idol born in 1997 moved to Korea to start her formal training as a trainee for 5 years. From 2016 until now, she has been active as a member of the cult group BLACKPINK.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) pregnant with billionaire boyfriends c.hild, hard evidence to refute? - Photo 9

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