Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: 'Don't want to love anyone!'

NắngNov 25, 2022 at 10:00

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Recently, the Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh couple is one of the most enthusiastic fans "pushing the boat" in the entertainment industry.

Not only do they work well together on the music stage, interact with each other gracefully, but the two also receive many compliments from the public for being so beautiful when standing next to each other.

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 1

Constantly being "pushed the boat" by the online community, but Bach Cong Khanh or Nam Em have not once spoken out to correct the relationship, which has made many netizens curious. Recently, during a concert at the tea room, Bach Cong Khanh unexpectedly shared her love story.

Specifically, the singer shared: "Actually, at this stage I don't want to talk about love, like I don't want to love anyone. Why, Khanh has so much other love for me, the love of each audience for me, love for the stage,...". Through these sharing, it can be seen that at the present time, Nam Em's "stage lover" is still focused on his singing career, dedicating more to the audience than flaunting his personal romance.

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 2

Earlier, in Khanh's live, Bach Cong Khanh unexpectedly revealed about getting married. Specifically, the singer said that at the moment he still wants to focus on singing and acting in parallel, so he has not thought about getting married. "My other half can't make me choose between work or her. You two get married and you have to go to work to earn m.oney to take care of your family, not just look at each other."

After her role in the movie Charmed Life, Bach Cong Khanh has recently been a name that has received attention from a large number of audiences. Besides, Bach Cong Khanh also works hard to perform musical activities for the audience to remember himself as a singer.

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 3

Earlier, in the program "The First Time to Tell", Nam Em surprised when she said that she really had feelings for Bach Cong Khanh, and also confessed her desire for the artist to become her husband in the future.

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 4

Specifically, Nam Em shared about his "good co-star": "Later I have a husband, I want that person to be Bach Cong Khanh. Khanh also knows this. She laughed and asked, 'Are you dull?' thinking I was joking. But that's the honest word. Khanh sometimes had to adjust to appease Nam Em, not to let me sink too deep (romance). Everyone should understand that 2 hearts towards each other and 1 side is too heavy, it will push the other side away and vice versa, like balance, must be balanced to come together."

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 5

Sharing more about Bach Cong Khanh, Nam Em said: "I feel that Khanh is very suitable for me, if the 2 of us get married in the future, they will definitely be very happy. That is the future, and now both hearts are towards the path of art.

It must be said again and again, it is true that in lonely times everyone needs 1 shoulder, but artists need a lot of space, understand their emotions to sing and act. The time Bach Cong Khanh spent on work was not available, so where was it for Nam Em. There are times when 2 of us argue thinking it's 'ball' but end up sitting back and looking for reasons not to understand each other and then having fun again."

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 6

Meanwhile, talking about Nam Em, Bach Cong Khanh commented: "Nam Em is an emotional, talented, dedicated g.irl and that is what Nam Em has always been loved by everyone. I'm glad I have more great colleagues."

Nam Em is known as a talented long-legged, has participated and achieved many high achievements in domestic and international beauty contests. In addition, she was also praised for possessing a beautiful, deeply sweet voice.

However, the personal life of this artist is considered complicated and noisy. This indirectly caused her image and reputation to suffer more or less in the public eye.

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 7

Previously, in 2018, the top 10 Miss World Vietnam had "denunciations" related to the love story 3 of Truong Giang - Nha Phuong. After that, the male comedian originally from Quang Nam took tough actions, determined to protect his feelings for Nha Phuong. At the same time, he was determined to clarify if he didn't stop all the slander.

Bai Gongqing reacted harshly when she heard that Nam Em wanted to marry him: Dont want to love anyone! - Photo 8

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