Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap

Thảo MaiMay 30, 2024 at 14:49

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Competition in the entertainment industry is fierce, especially among female stars. Below are all beautiful beauties on screen, but when they take off the makeup, they are truly surprising.

Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong debuted in the entertainment industry at a young age, and now she has become a tall, graceful beauty. The actress has appeared in famous movies such as "Painted Skin", "The Nine Pearls of Heaven", "Hien Vien Kiem"... She also received attention from netizens thanks to the name of Loc Ham's girlfriend.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 1

In addition to her acting talent, Guan Xiaotong is also praised for her beautiful beauty, bright white skin, and is even known as the "nation's daughter". Every time she appears at an event, Guan Xiao Dong causes a fever with her flawless, sparkling visual, making it difficult to find flaws. That's why, when Quan Hieu Dong revealed her bare face, Cnet tried to examine her true beauty to find the flaws that the stars hid.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 2

It can be seen in photos of Guan Xiaotong without makeup, her skin seems much duller. However, the actress's facial features are still very delicate. Looking at Quan Hieu Dong's true beauty, it's no wonder Loc Ham pursued her for so long. Everyone will like such a beautiful g.irl.


Angelababy is a famous beauty in the Cbiz entertainment industry. As a famous beauty of Cbiz, Angelababy always makes netizens overwhelmed every time she appears. However, the image of her bare face made fans somewhat surprised. Without makeup, Angelababy's beauty is quite faded, her skin is not as white and bright as many people think.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 3

Some netizens even questioned that she had had plastic surgery in the past. Faced with this question, Angelababy said she only got braces and didn't do anything. In fact, Angelababy looks very beautiful. Although her bare face is less sharp than the edited photo, it must be recognized that after many years, Angelababy is still one of the famous beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 4

Dilraba Dilmurat

As expected of the "Xinjiang beauty", Dilraba Dilraba also makes an equally impressive impression with the image of a harmonious, elegant bare face and prominent high nose bridge. Without needing a thick layer of makeup, beauties still score points with their pure, natural beauty that is hard to take your eyes off of. Dilraba Dilraba's bare face not only shows smooth, flawless skin but also scores points with her delicate features, big round sparkling eyes and straight high nose bridge.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 5

Pham Bang Bang

At the age of 40, Pham Bang Bang can't help but startle netizens with her smooth, naturally rosy white skin. Especially when standing next to other female celebrities, Pham Gia often "crushes" her colleagues because of her glowing skin.

Using up to 600 masks a year, it's no wonder "Snow White of China's" bare face shows no signs of aging.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 6

She puts a lot of effort into preserving and taking care of her facial skin to ensure it is healthy and shiny. Just looking at the "huge" cabinet of skincare products behind Pham Gia is enough to feel admiration.

Cuc Tinh Y

"Beauty of 4,000 years" Cuc Tinh Y once made people confused about the authenticity of her beauty, but no one can deny her porcelain-white skin that radiates aura every time she goes on stage.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 7

Removing the makeup, a beauty may lose her sharpness and splendor but still impresses with her "bright" white skin without many flaws.

Trieu Lo Tu

Showing off her shiny skin under the sun without any powder, Trieu Lo Tu affirmed that she is completely worthy of the title "new generation bare-faced goddess".

"Trieu Le Dinh clone" has many times captured fans' hearts when showing off her white, smooth skin like a b.aby's and her elegant beauty without dead ends.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 8

Trieu Lo Tu's captivating beauty with makeup and natural simplicity is not much different. The star born in 1998 is becoming one of the beauties with the most beautiful skin in Cbiz.

Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap - Photo 9

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