Amber Kicks The Wind 2023

Topic: Amber Kicks The Wind 2023

"Pedaling the Wind 2023": Chi Pu challenged Amber to a "tense" match, "shooting rapping" still pitifully lost?

Kiko08:10:46 24/06/2023
According to rumors spread, after making fans look forward to the same team, Chi Pu and Amber finally faced each other extremely tense. As a result, the Chi Pu - Ella team, despite getting high scores, still ranked behind Amber.

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Amber has a "jealousy" with "husband" Chi Pu, the incident on the stage of "Pedaling the wind 2023" makes fans' hearts flutter?

Phương Nam13:42:18 14/06/2023
After the broadcast of the concert, behind-the-scenes moments on the sidelines of Da Gio 2023 attracted the attention of the public. In addition to the announced incidents on the stage, the interaction of Chi Pu - Amber also became the focus.

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Amber, Ella, Ta Na "confronted" extremely intensely at "Pedaling the wind", Chi Pu launched a rap to advance to the final?

Phương Nam09:26:32 13/06/2023
The 4th concert has not taken place yet, but Chinese fans have now passed on information about the 5th performance round for the Billionaire to step on the wind to turn the wave (Dap Gio 2023). Because the song was too difficult, Chi Pu had to stay and practice.

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