Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this!

Thảo MaiJun 10, 2024 at 14:59

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Going to China to perform the debut song at Pedal the Wind 2024, LUNAS made fans worried because of an unexpected incident. However, thanks to their professionalism and intelligence, the girls overcame and made Trung fans sob.

Vpop has just welcomed a new g.irl group called LUNAS after the program Beautiful Sister Kicks the Wind 2023, gathering 5 members who are all familiar names to the audience including Trang Phap, Khong Tu Quynh, Huyen B.aby, Diep Lam Anh and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc.

Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this! - Photo 1

The difference of LUNAS comes from the fact that the group gathers members who are over 30 years old, all have a foothold as well as have achieved certain success in their careers.

Only Trang Phap and Khong Tu Quynh have been active for a long time in the field of music, Diep Lam Anh or Huyen B.aby have sung but have no imprint. Particularly, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is an actor, her voice is inherently a disadvantage. However, the LUNAS squad has uniformity in appearance as well as performance skills.

Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this! - Photo 2

Each member has a certain career name in showbiz, so LUNAS has the advantage of owning a large number of fans before officially debuting, ready to support the group with all their might. In the group's debut event on May 25, LUNAS attracted the participation of about 1,000 fans, tickets to the event were also sold out quickly, showing the great attraction of this g.irl group.

As soon as it was launched, Moonlight's debut music product quickly received the attention of the online community and achieved many impressive achievements. The song was composed by Trang Phap, carrying the message of confidence, beauty and talent of women.

Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this! - Photo 3

The song has a Trap sound, mixed with a bit of modern EDM, with trendy K-Pop Rap tracks. Although there are still many controversies, most opinions evaluate the look of Moonlight as too eye-catching, impressive and very well-thought-out.

All 5 members have segments showing their individual skills. According to the announcement from the team, the song quickly held the top 1 position on iTunes after 1 hour of release. On the YouTube platform, the song held the 2nd position in the top trending music after 14 hours of release.

Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this! - Photo 4

In addition, the information that the beautiful sisters Lunas went to China to record a performance at the Pedal the Wind 2024 show has caused a stir among Vietnamese netizens. Although Cong Show 5 has not yet aired, the review articles of the audience in China are enough to make Vietnamese fans proud.

According to Cnet, LUNAS made the first recording. As soon as the girls walked out, it made the whole hall cry because the visuals were so beautiful. Each member has a solo performance, a plucker (guess Huyen B.aby), a Hip-Hop dancer (guess Diep Lam Anh), a "pink-haired beautiful sister" pole dancing - too obviously Trang Phap. In addition, another netizen also "exposed" a beautiful woman from Vietnam who used a "buoy" to remember Chinese but unfortunately was exposed.

Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this! - Photo 5

From the visuals to the performance charisma of LUNAS, they were praised by the Chinese audience as worthy of a professional g.irl group. The whole group introduced and performed in Vietnamese, so many viewers shouted "summon" Suni to interpret.

On Weibo, when typing the keyword Lunas, there will appear not only compliments and reviews of Chinese audiences but also many posts looking for "info" and information of each member. Trang Phap and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc are the two most "sought-after" names.

In addition, in a recent Vlog of Trang Phap, she told about the misfortune that she and the group encountered when performing at Pedal the Wind 2024.

Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this! - Photo 6

Accordingly, Trang Phap shared: "Bring all the Vietnamese clothes to the side to perform, but when you go to the stage to review, you have to change everything, you have to wear jeans. So in one morning, there were only 4 hours for the stylist to sew clothes for all 5 sisters. Even before going on stage, people still don't know what to wear."

Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this! - Photo 7

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