YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth'

Hoàng AnhSep 21, 2022 at 09:35

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The hit TV series Big Mouth aired its final episode on September 17 and caused a lot of controversy. However, YoonA - the female lead of the film still hopes that viewers will have a different view of the ending of the character Mi Ho. She also revealed that she knew about this character's fate early on.

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 1

Allkpop reported that actress YoonA gave an interview about the last episode of Big Mouth, she said, "A lot of people feel that Mi Ho's life is just event after event. I understand that some viewers may I feel sad about Mi Ho's fate, but I believe the character is happy. She is loved by her husband and they have precious memories together. I hope that viewers will also see the character. things my way".

The actress also revealed that she learned about the fate of her character Mi Ho early in the production process. "As the drama progresses and more and more viewers support Mi Ho, the writer feels pressured about the character's ending. But overall, I accept Mi Ho's fate, because until the end. , she still lives true to herself," the actress explained.

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 2

The movie Big Mouth starring Lee Jong Suk and YoonA has been noticed in recent times. According to a report from Nielsen Korea, the final episode of the drama recorded an average nationwide rating of 13.7%, the highest ever for the drama. However, the ending of the film was considered f.orced and frivolous, leaving viewers very disappointed.

The final episode of Big Mouth disappointed viewers with its confusing and uncharacteristic developments with many unresolved problems.

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 3

At a time when Park Chang Ho's election campaign is in a desperate situation, Hyun Joo Hee (played by Ok Ja Yeon), who once said that she "never doubted her husband", decides to betray her husband. by giving the phone containing Choi Do Ha's important information to Chang Ho.

The identity of the "serial killer psychopath" - the son of Chairman Kang (played by Jeon Kook Hwan) and also the character necessary to prevent Choi Do Ha from inheriting Chairman Kang's fortune - is not disclosed. . This character only appeared through words from others that he signed a written consent for his father's b.ody to be autopsied.

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 4

The film ended but still left many open questions, such as why the main characters did not notice the disappearance of Jang Hye Jin (played by Hong Ji Hee), why Han Jae Ho (Lee Yoo Jun) played) m.urdered Jang Hye Jin without any punishment, how was Park Chang Ho able to open Choi Do Ha's gold vault and find the gold bars that were appropriated from NR Forum members with a value of up to 100 billion won (about 71.7 million USD).

Right from the beginning of the film, Big Mouth makes viewers constantly speculate about the real identity of the criminal Big Mouse. However, the film ends without any dramatic events after Big Mouse's identity is revealed.

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 5

Ilgan Sports commented: "The events that took place in the last 3 minutes ended roughly as if this was just a highlight video summary, although there are still many unresolved questions. It's worth it. disappointed".

In particular, many viewers expressed their frustration at the departure of the character Go Mi Ho. There are many opinions that Go Mi Ho's d.eath does not bring much meaning to the film, so it is not necessary to install the episode of her d.eath in the film.

"Why did they decide to let Mi Ho die even though she didn't do anything wrong?", "The most ridiculous point in the drama is that the heroine dies", "Is it the best ending for the main character to die? ", Top Star News quoted comments from viewers.

On online discussion forums, the public is constantly criticizing that Big Mouth has a "too sloppy" ending.

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 6

The audience left comments: "The script at the end of the movie has too many holes. Maybe the drama needs 20 episodes, not 16", "I couldn't speak after watching the movie. It should have been. I should have dropped the movie halfway", "I guess even the actors were shocked".

There is an opinion that the second half of the drama is the place where the writer's writing ability is most clearly shown. The final stages of filming in Korean dramas mostly take place in a rather rushed way, so the end of the series is usually s.hot exactly as the script without any intervention from the director and producer.

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 7

As can be seen, it seems that Big Mouth can't escape the situation of the "elephant-tailed mouse" script - the common weakness of many popular Korean films.

"An unclear ending, in which all criminals do not receive the price they pay, and the protagonist's desire to return to a normal life does not come true," assessed Ilgan Sports.

One of the factors that makes Big Mouth's success is the complete acting of the cast, whether it's the main or supporting role.

In particular, many comments said that Big Mouth marked Yoona's breakthrough progress in acting, thereby helping her eliminate the stereotype of "idol acting".

Therefore, on the Internet, many Korean viewers expressed their regret that Big Mouth had an ending that was not commensurate with the cast's capabilities. Lee Jong Suk".

YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth' - Photo 8

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