Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: 'Where are the glorious times?'

Ning JingNov 10, 2023 at 14:09

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Once one of the famous singers, possessing a beauty that many people loved, but now at the age of 60, artist Kim Ngan makes many people sad because of her fading beauty and miserable life.

Kim Ngan was one of the famous stars of the 80s, attracting audiences with her beautiful, fiery appearance. However, singer Kim Ngan's late life surprised many people.

Recently, the latest images of singer Kim Ngan have made netizens feel sad. Accordingly, singer Kim Ngan was taken by an acquaintance to eat and drink at a restaurant in America.

Due to her wandering life, singer Kim Ngan's appearance is also somewhat untidy, from her hair to her clothes. When invited to eat and drink, singer Kim Ngan seemed happy, she carelessly enjoyed the food and talked with her companions.

Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: Where are the glorious times? - Photo 1

These images as well as singer Kim Ngan's appearance made the audience feel sad. Netizens left many comments expressing their regret for the homeless and helpless old age of the once famous star.

Born in 1963, Kim Ngan was known as a famous and popular overseas singer in the early 1980s. In 1975, Kim Ngan followed her family to the US to settle and met singer/songwriter Truong Hai and was accepted by him. adoption. Immediately, she was promoted by her adoptive father and became famous quickly.

Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: Where are the glorious times? - Photo 2

At that time, Kim Ngan was often called "beauty queen" because of her beautiful, s.exy and seductive appearance. Singer Kieu Nga once said about Kim Ngan's beauty: "Even women and girls fall in love with it." In addition to her beauty, Kim Ngan also has a vibrant, charismatic and fiery performance style like a new breeze stirring up the overseas music industry.

Kim Ngan quickly became famous and had extremely high salaries. During the golden age, according to many people in the world, overseas tea rooms were sold out like gold and silver paintings advertised outside the door, regardless of whether Kim Ngan was performing that day or not.

Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: Where are the glorious times? - Photo 3

In 1993, Kim Ngan broke up with her husband when she was only 30 years old. Her husband is the one who adopted the children. Continuously suffering from life's events from broken marriage to losing business and having to sell the record label that bears her name, Kim Ngan fell into a long slide, making friends and forgetting herself in the "illusion of medicine".

Kim Ngan is nearly 60 years old this year but looks much older. With a bag on my shoulder, wandering the streets every day feels like a lifeless stroll. With her skinny and dark figure, messy hair and wrinkled face, no one can recognize the charming singer from before. Not stopping there, she sometimes scolds people for no reason and appears aggressive.

Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: Where are the glorious times? - Photo 4

Many people in the profession really wanted to help Kim Ngan by taking her to a mental institution or a charity home, but she absolutely refused, only preferring to wander here and there. That's why people don't know what to do other than occasionally give Kim Ngan food and drinks.

In 2021-2022, comedian Thuy Nga had many troubles related to m.oney while pregnant with Kim Ngan. After that, the once famous female singer was welcomed by her relatives to live with her.

Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: Where are the glorious times? - Photo 5

By August 2022, on comedian Thuy Nga's personal YouTube channel, a clip was posted recording a sudden reunion with her seniors. Appearing in the clip, Kim Ngan wears dark clothes inside, a leather jacket outside, her hair is neatly cut, dyed and curled. According to Thuy Nga, when the female comedian was having lunch with a friend, Kim Ngan passed by and came to say hello, making her emotional.

In the video, Thuy Nga asked about singer Kim Ngan's current life. She is happy to know that her seniors have a place to go and no longer sleep on the streets like before. Thuy Nga couldn't help but be surprised when Kim Ngan mentioned little Nguyet Cat (daughter of comedian Thuy Nga), and at the same time, her seniors expressed their desire to come home to live with her second mother (Second mother is a familiar name that singer Kim Ngan calls her). for Thuy Nga, she called Thuy Nga her second mother and called her her daughter).

Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: Where are the glorious times? - Photo 6

After chatting to ask about her health, the female comedian also gave Kim Ngan some m.oney to spend and did not forget to tell her that whenever she wants to meet, just text everyone for Thuy Nga to come.

Saddened by the current appearance of artist Kim Ngan, netizens exclaimed: Where are the glorious times? - Photo 7

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