Xoai Non announced that she was "going crazy" and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce

Bút ChìJun 22, 2024 at 18:02

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Recently, Xoai Non and Xemesis officially confirmed that their relationship has ended, they are no longer husband and wife and each has their own life. After the divorce, Xoai Non moved into a rented apartment, still focusing on her work. Every day, netizens see beauties born in 2002 diligently posting product photos to attach sales links or prepare for livestreams.

Besides, the online community also realized that this time Xoai Non was completely different from before the announcement. At the time when he was still suspected of marital trouble, Xemesis's ex-wife was completely silent and did not post too many pictures. The appearances also clearly r.eveal fatigue, indifference, and lack of vitality.

Xoai Non announced that she was going c.razy and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce - Photo 1

However, at present, Xoai Non no longer seems to want to keep quiet. She often gathers with friends and livestreams to chat and share many perspectives about her personal life.

Most recently, Xoai Non had a new update on Facebook but received rude comments from some antifans. The h.ot g.irl born in 2002 responded harshly: "Boys talk so charmingly. 100 points." Besides, she also "declared" that from now on she would "be as disruptive as possible", because before there were things that could not be said, so now if anyone comments, she will be ready to respond.

However, Xoai Non's somewhat "chatty" way of responding to each comment made many people feel confused.

Xoai Non announced that she was going c.razy and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce - Photo 2

After all, Xoai Non is also a KOL with millions of followers on social networks. Xoai's rude response only makes her the center of attention in a negative way. Even paying cannot stop the conflicting comments surrounding his personal life.

Previously, in her most recent livestream, Xoai Non said she and Xemesis broke up peacefully. The two still talked back and forth. Xoai Non also denied being financially dependent on her ex-husband and accepted the amount of 20 billion VND before agreeing to divorce.

Xoai Non announced that she was going c.razy and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce - Photo 3

"The way I came to Mr. Xemesis, I left the same way. I came without taking anything and I left without taking anything. So don't talk about breaking up with Mr. Xemesis, I will have nothing. That sounds funny. I don't need it myself so I never thought about it.

Xemesis and I broke up peacefully. To this day we still sit and talk to each other, text and facetime normally. We still talk to each other often," Xoai Non shared.

Xoai Non announced that she was going c.razy and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce - Photo 4

According to Xoai Non, the fact that she received 20 billion VND for divorce is completely untrue. "I'd rather have it than if I were rumored to be okay, here I have fame but no m.oney. I will be my own tycoon. I don't rely on anyone. Up to now, I've been independent, don't rely on anyone. If If it's 20 billion VND, I'll let the rumor be true," she emphasized.

Also in the livestream, Xoai Non shared that the relationship between her and her mother-in-law is not as tense as netizens speculated. On the contrary, her ex-mother-in-law still cared and talked to Xoai Non.

Xoai Non announced that she was going c.razy and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce - Photo 5

"My mother-in-law and I still talk and confide in each other. Occasionally she still calls to ask if my life is okay and how it is like moving to a new house. What bothers me the most is that you guys take my story and Hieu's story and embellish it. weaving, hurting many people," Xoai Non said.

Xoai Non believes that outsiders cannot understand the nature of the problem as well as the relationship between her and her mother-in-law. Xoai Non affirmed that her ex-mother-in-law was gentle and very comfortable with her daughter-in-law and never blamed her.

"You guys said a lot of insulting things to my mother-in-law, cut and collaged a lot of pictures, literally stuffing words into your mouth. I find that very excessive for adults, when it's about me and Mr. Hieu. Even though we're no longer my wife. husband, we are still friends in real life. My mother also told me that if I call her mother, she will always be my mother," Xoai Non said.

Xoai Non announced that she was going c.razy and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce - Photo 6

Finally, talking about her mood, Xoai Non shared that she was sad when her marriage with Xemesis broke up. "After divorce, of course you will be sad. Staying in any relationship for too long and two people traveling together for too long will be sad when they stop," she said.

On June 16, Xoai Non and Xemesis announced that they were going their separate ways. They shared briefly and gave each other good words.

Xoai Non thanked Xemesis for helping her have a beautiful youth, while Xemesis wished all the best to his ex-wife. "Thank you for what you have done for me over the past 6 years, for what you have endured during our time together. I hope you will always smile like you did before," Xemesis told Xoai Non.

Xoai Non announced that she was going c.razy and acted controversially after the Xemesis divorce - Photo 7

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