Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other person's family, and Jin was involved?

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Jin - Xiu was once known as a couple in the LGBT community that received a lot of love from everyone. The couple even participated in a dating show and proposed to each other on stage.

Since they were still in love, on their personal pages, Jin also showed himself to be a person who extremely pampers his girlfriend. Many times, strong beauties "ting ting" the other person so she can save m.oney. "Jin is not sure that she will give Xiu a dreamlike love, but Jin will definitely love Xiu in a way that makes others jealous. Because I love you and never want to lose you." Jin's sharing words.

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 1

It was thought that the two would have a beautiful ending until July 2023, when the duo officially announced their separation.

Not only that, fans of both also continuously attacked each other. Many times Xiu was accused of only loving Jin for m.oney and "parasitic" on the other person. Because she was so frustrated, Xiu had to immediately speak up to explain herself.

Specifically, during a livestream, Xiu said: "Even if Minh gave me 10 million, I would still buy gifts for my mother and grandmother for Minh, more than the m.oney Minh gave me, but I wouldn't spend it on myself." As for the 10 billion house, Ms. Minh said that if I gave birth, Ms. Minh would give it to her. That's what Ms. Minh said herself, but she never asked for a car to serve our travel needs The problem is that Minh already liked the car before, not because she knew me and then bought it. And the car insurance was paid for by everyone, including mine." Tieu was also quite tense when she announced that she would not hold back anymore, this was also the last time she mentioned this issue.

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 2

As for Jin, she also expressed her frustration. "The feeling of sitting and looking at the two of them, this feeling will probably haunt me for a very long time. If Jin really loves Jin, Jin hopes everyone will stop saying anything or thinking poorly about Xiu. Both of them have tried very hard because "This love. Maybe at some point we were wrong for each other, but our love is bigger than everything in this world."

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 3

In addition to m.oney issues, Jin shared a few more stories that any couple will encounter: j.ealousy, arguments, differences of opinion... many things combined make things difficult to resolve and not possible. find common ground.

After nearly half a year of separation, both have new happiness and limit talking about each other. Recently, netizens also discovered a series of hints that h.ot g.irl Xiu is dating another g.irl nicknamed B2U. However, netizens later "unearthed" evidence that suspected B2U was a married person, not a single mother as Xiu shared. After many rumors, Xiu spoke up to admit her love affair with B2U and affirmed that B2U is a "single mother" as clearly stated on the documents.

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 4

In addition, Xiu also confronted B2U's family when the other side said that in order to have m.oney to buy branded goods for Xiu, B2U borrowed m.oney from everywhere, even borrowing m.oney from family members with a debt of up to billions of dong. .

In response to the other person's questions, Xiu clarified that if B2U did indeed borrow m.oney from family or friends to buy her expensive gifts, the other person only needs to provide evidence such as an invoice or a commitment to borrow m.oney. then Xiu will refund the entire debt on behalf of B2U.

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 5

On social networks, divided into many different opinions, most people think that it is reasonable and not controversial for fans to give gifts to Xiu to show their love. If it is true that B2U borrowed m.oney from others to give gifts to Xiu, then the h.ot g.irl is also the passive side and cannot manage everything.

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 6

Not only Xiu but Jin - Xiu's ex-lover was also implicated when B2U's father "asked for help" from Jin, asking Jin to talk to Xiu because he thought Xiu was deceiving his daughter. B2U's father even said that the reason Xiu became friends with B2U was to be sponsored to come to America and gain American citizenship thanks to his relationship with his daughter. B2U's father hopes Jin can meet Xiu to confront the truth.

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 7

Currently, the incident is attracting the attention of netizens.

Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other persons family, and Jin was involved? - Photo 8

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