Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him

Châu AnhJun 19, 2024 at 10:30

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The news that a man intends to divorce his wife because of female idol Winter from aespa group makes many people confused. Surprisingly, after hearing the story, people sided with the husband and criticized the wife.

Since her debut, Winter has continuously received many compliments about her beauty. Despite taking on the position of visual (the face of the group), Winter is also praised for her sweet voice and confidence when performing on stage. For that reason, the female idol of the aespa group is loved by many fans regardless of age or gender.

Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him - Photo 1

Recently, on an online forum, a netizen shared an article titled "I argued with my wife, everyone asked if I was wrong".

In the post, this person revealed that he is an office worker, 35 years old and married to a wife 3 years younger. "I'm a fan of Winter. I don't go to concerts or participate in any events. I became a fan because I like aespa's music and Winter is very pretty. I'm just a fan. If anyone asks, I like it." I can answer which idol is Winter. I have never bought any products or items from the group," he said.

Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him - Photo 2

One day, while listening to aespa's album, this person and his wife had a big argument after he said he wanted to buy the group's album. "I have never bought any more music since BoA's debut album that I bought in middle school. However, my wife suddenly criticized me and called me a dirty p.ervert just because I was older than Winter 10 year old".

The conflict climaxed when this man compared himself to his mother-in-law because she was also a fan of famous male trot singer Jung Dong Won. "My mother-in-law attends all of Jung Dong Won's concerts, even flying abroad to meet her. She and her friends join the fanclub and go to autograph sessions. She even postpones family gatherings to avoid the idol's schedule. I asked my wife why her mother also followed Jung Dong Won without feeling dirty, making her even more uncomfortable."

Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him - Photo 3

The man said that after that his wife continued to call him a p.ervert. Currently, the two no longer talk to each other. Notably, this audience even considered breaking up but was stuck with children: "What should I do if I can't divorce because I have children?"

The post attracted many mixed comments on social networks. Among them, many viewers sided with the husband. They thought the wife's reaction was strange and her words had crossed the line.

Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him - Photo 4

aespa is one of the g.irl groups that receives a lot of love from the audience. Among them, Winter is the most special person who possesses many unique characteristics, not only compared to group members but also to K-pop idols. This helps female idols easily build their own recognition.

Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him - Photo 5

Fate came to the young g.irl when, while attending a dance, she caught the eye of an employee from SM Entertainment. This representative approached and invited Winter to participate in the company's audition. However, she thought this was a new trick because this person had not yet introduced her workplace. After pondering for a while, the female singer still decided to go to Seoul to participate in the audition, her parents also went along to ensure their daughter's safety.

Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him - Photo 6

Right after starting the promotion process for her debut song, Aespa member Winter became the center of discussion on famous Korean forums when the fancam of the female singer's performance stage reached the 1st mark. million views in just a short period of time, becoming the fastest debut fancam to reach this milestone.

Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him - Photo 7

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