Ex-wife MC Thanh Bach hurts over gay husband, plans 'last day of life'

An NhiApr 06, 2024 at 10:01

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The marriage between MC Thanh Bach and artist Xuan Huong has always made people follow for many years. Xuan Xiang once accused Qingbai of marrying her just to "serve as a front" to hide her gender. She was even treated like a sine in the house.

Artist Xuan Huong is known as the ex-wife of MC Thanh Bach. After the divorce, Xuan Huong once caused a stir when r.evealing shocking stories about her married life with Thanh Bach. The artist choked up to share that she had to endure a.buse, disparaging, living as a "dweller" in his own house and the breakdown of his marriage to MC Thanh Bach.

Ex-wife MC Thanh Bach hurts over gay husband, plans last day of life - Photo 1

The pain multiplied when she realized that she was just a "screen" for her husband to hide secrets for him and his relationship with men.

MC Thanh Bach once said to his wife: "Yes! I took you as a screen. Now I have to live for me. If you accept, live a triangle. Otherwise divorce! Divorce".

The words "I took you as a screen" like lightning struck across her ears, pushing Xuan Huong into a pit of despair. The gay love story between Thanh Bach and her mistress is increasingly intimate and salty, exposing the grim betrayal she suffered.

Ex-wife MC Thanh Bach hurts over gay husband, plans last day of life - Photo 2

Her husband stopped eating, mourning because she missed her mistresses, making Xuan Huong sour. The pain of the betrayed wife is portrayed by her in a realistic, vivid way, making the reader feel sorry. At this time, Thanh Bach has officially admitted to a love relationship with a hairdresser.

Xuan Huong said, after crying because he missed velvet, her husband stopped eating because he could not see his mistress for a few days: "He mourned to me how much he missed velvet. Oh my gosh, I thought I had a daughter who was just starting to fall in love. He struggled to stop eating and drinking like people were pregnant. Thanks to you, I learned for the first time what love in puberty is like."

Ex-wife MC Thanh Bach hurts over gay husband, plans last day of life - Photo 3

Despite her heartbreak, Xuan Huong is still "earnest" about this marriage because she wants to give her son a home. The torn between love and responsibility left her stuck, miserable.

After more than 17 years of divorce, at the age of 70, artist Xuan Huong now lives alone in a garden house in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Over the years, she has been less active in theater, spending more time with herself, finding joy in cooking, cooking, and selling food online,...

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Recently, in a talk show, MC Thanh Bach's ex-wife shared emotionally about preparing for her son's passing. Accordingly, artist Xuan Huong shared: "I also thought of the worst things, if I go to one, it is too simple, but if anything, close friends will take care of me.

I told them I had saved some m.oney, enough to buy the cheapest coffin. Then the people around you take me to the crematorium."

Artist Xuan Huong said her life was "too much to live and everyone who is sincere is too clear".

MC Thanh Bach's ex-wife stated: "I think a funeral is nothing, just the affection that the living have for the dead and is a custom from ancient times until now. I don't think my husband is childless, so I don't need to bring it to the temple or worship anything, just find somewhere clean and spread it down."

Ex-wife MC Thanh Bach hurts over gay husband, plans last day of life - Photo 5

Thanh Bach and Xuan Huong once had a seemingly fulfilling marriage when they were together for 20 years. However, in 2006, the two announced their divorce. By 2019, Xuan Huong made showbiz "wake up" by writing 10 consecutive chapters of "recollection" to "denounce" her ex-husband.

At that time, the artist exposed many hidden corners of her married life, how her husband's family treated her, and MC Thanh Bach had her own relationships. This affected Thanh Bach's image in the public eye. Recently, male artists rarely appear at showbiz events.

Ex-wife MC Thanh Bach hurts over gay husband, plans last day of life - Photo 6

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