Athlete Nguyen Minh Triet passed away at the age of 18, the coach revealed his student's last will

Bút MàuMay 12, 2024 at 14:22

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On May 9, sad news came to Vietnamese sports when national youth gymnastics team athlete Nguyen Minh Triet breathed his last after suffering a serious injury at the end of last year. Sharing with the press, Mr. Nguyen Huu Minh - Minh Triet's father: "I pray that my c.hild passes away peacefully, ending the pain."

Athlete Nguyen Minh Triet passed away at the age of 18, the coach revealed his students last will - Photo 1

Major Hau Trung Linh - who directly trained athlete Nguyen Minh Triet at the Military Sports Center said: "Even though I had already determined my mindset to accept that Minh Triet could not survive, when the incident happened happened, it was an inconsolable sadness for us.

Triet passed away, leaving behind many unfinished ambitions. His dream is to win the championship in any tournament he participates in. Triet always craves victory. Triet's spirit and fighting power when competing are almost always better than when practicing.".

Athlete Nguyen Minh Triet passed away at the age of 18, the coach revealed his students last will - Photo 2

Before his d.eath, gymnast Nguyen Minh Triet greatly appreciated life and expressed his earnest wish to continue living. "I can't forget the words that Minh Triet told me when she was at Bach Mai Hospital, when she had just finished her second surgery. Triet said she really appreciated life and earnestly wanted to live. That statement made me very emotional" - Major Hau Trung Linh recalled.

Athlete Nguyen Minh Triet passed away at the age of 18, the coach revealed his students last will - Photo 3

In November 2023, while practicing, Nguyen Minh Triet performed two backflips but unfortunately landed on his head in the foam hole, leading to a very serious injury in the neck area.

At Bach Mai hospital, Minh Triet was operated on and treated for spinal paralysis and collapsed pneumonia. However, doctors diagnosed that this 18-year-old athlete would have difficulty recovering. During the athlete's treatment period, the Vietnam Gymnastics Federation and the Sports Department (Department of Sports and Physical Training) called on generous hearts to support Nguyen Minh Triet and the athlete's family to have more resources for long-term treatment and received valuable support.

In April 2024, Minh Triet was transferred to Thanh Nhan hospital. The b.oy continued to be treated under the best conditions in the hope of recovery, but unfortunately he did not survive.

Athlete Nguyen Minh Triet passed away at the age of 18, the coach revealed his students last will - Photo 4

It is known that Nguyen Minh Triet was born on October 20, 2006, and is an athlete under the management of the Army unit. As a gymnast, Triet has an ideal height - 1.72m and is a special talent of Military gymnastics.

Minh Triet has been practicing gymnastics since he was 7-8 years old, now it has been more than 10 years. The b.oy was passionate about sports, trained at the Army unit, and then in 2018 was promoted to the National Youth Gymnastics team at the Nhon National Sports Training Center (Hanoi). Triet is expected to continue the achievements of his predecessors.

Nguyen Minh Triet was the champion of the U12, U13, U14, and U15 age groups in freestyle gymnastics at the national youth championship in previous years. At the 9th National Sports Festival in 2022, Nguyen Minh Triet also contributed to w.inning a bronze medal in the men's team event for the Army delegation.

Before the accident occurred during practice, Minh Triet also talked to his teacher about his dream of striving for the national team because next year he will be out of age to play in the youth tournament system. In addition, Triet will graduate from high school in just a few months when he is currently in 12th grade.

Minh Triet's family has 4 siblings. Although Triet is the third c.hild, he is the economic and spiritual pillar of the whole family. The male athlete's father is retired and works as a security guard every day. Your friend's mother has cancer.

Athlete Nguyen Minh Triet passed away at the age of 18, the coach revealed his students last will - Photo 5

On the morning of May 11, in Hanoi, the funeral of the late young player of the Vietnam Gymnastics Team Nguyen Minh Triet was held. Representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Department of Sports and Physical Training, the Military Sports Training Center, the Hanoi National Sports Training Center, the Vietnam Gymnastics Federation and friends and relatives of the late player Nguyen Minh Triet were present at the ceremony. funeral.

At the funeral, more than 200 coaches, athletes, officials, and employees representing the Hanoi National Sports Training Center came to light incense sticks for the last time, saying goodbye to Nguyen Minh Triet.

Athlete Nguyen Minh Triet passed away at the age of 18, the coach revealed his students last will - Photo 6

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