Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to V's house (BTS)?

KengJul 11, 2023 at 09:36

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Recently, netizens are buzzing about the fact that Jennie (BlackPink) will terminate the contract with the management company YG is receiving a lot of attention from the public because she was previously involved in many controversies. argue.

Accordingly, this news spread "dizzy" and quickly topped the h.ot search (BGT) in China. Specifically, BlackPink's exclusive contract with YG Entertainment will end in August 2023.

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 1

Insiders still believe that YG Entertainment will have to pay at least 20 billion won per member if they want to keep the group from renewing their contract with the company. Some believe that YG Entertainment launched B.aby Monster to minimize the possibility of failure to complete the renewal agreement with BlackPink.

Not only are there worries about extremely attractive offers from rival companies, but YG Entertainment is also having trouble with the four girls' world tour.

Before that, Jennie was involved in many controversies related to her private life and acting ability. She once made fans excited by the news that she and V (BTS) were secretly dating in Paris. Many observant netizens "looked up" to a sharper image of Jennie and V in costumes and accessories that matched the characters in the video, and discovered that their managers were also "escorted". In response to the news that is causing a stir in public opinion, the management companies of these two artists, YG and HYBE, both gave ambiguous responses.

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 2

Before "making a stir" on social networks with dating rumors V (BTS), Jennie was once revealed by Dispatch to be dating Kai (EXO) in early 2019 and was rumored to have a relationship with him many times. Senior G-Dragon ( Big Bang).

Recently, Jennie (BlackPink)'s acting in the movie 'The Idol' is also receiving a lot of criticism because of her "shy" and too faint acting.

Many viewers find it difficult to understand when a famous star agrees to play a role that is too weak, above all, displays scenes that are considered "offensive" in front of the public. On the forums, many people think that Jennie's role in 'The Idol' is merely a name that attracts Asian audiences.

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 3

During a recent tour, while performing the song "Tally" Jennie is also said to have burst into tears on stage when singing the line: It was my choice and I didn't hurt anyone.

Currently, Jennie (BlackPink) is receiving a "storm" of criticism from the public and fans, and BlackPink will also end the world tour this June, approaching the end of the contract. It is understandable that she made the choice to terminate her contract with YG Entertainment to find balance.

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 4

Although there is a lot of noise, it is hard to deny Jennie's charm. Even thanks to her, many people can get rich.

Specifically, a Filipino tiktoker recently revealed that he made a lot of m.oney thanks to being like Jennie.

According to The Today, female TikToker Rowena Padua, from the Philippines, is considered a "copy" of Jennie (Blackpink).

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 5

With about a million followers on TikTok, Rowena receives many collaboration opportunities from brands just because she looks like a K-pop star. One of her social media posts has garnered 27.3 million views, which is an impressive number.

Many Blackpink fans commented that Rowena has cat eyes, small nose and chubby cheeks just like Jennie. Above all, they feel that Rowena "radiates" a cold aura very similar to Korean idols.

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 6

The Filipino female TikToker often posts videos imitating Jennie's unique outfits, makeup, hairstyle and selfies. But instead of being criticized, she was praised.

"I watched the video with the intention of hating someone, but in the end I realized that she really looks like Jennie," one netizen expressed.

"Try on with makeup to look like Jennie," suggested one comment.

Other videos posted by Rowena were also praised by Blackpink fans in the comments section, calling her "Jennie 99%" and "cute sister".

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 7

However, some people are still not convinced. "She doesn't look like Jennie, what are you doing?"; "I think it's just the eyes like Jennie",...

Rowena Padua shared that there are still conflicting views online. There are people who love her because she is too similar to a female Kpop singer, but there are also people who... hate her.

"I don't understand why they hate me. I myself have never identified myself as Jennie Kim," Rowena Padua said.

Jennie terminated the contract with YG, left Blackpink alone after coming to Vietnam, went to Vs house (BTS)? - Photo 8

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