Uong Thi Thi - Donnie Yen's 18-year-old wife: Daughter of "diamond king", highly educated, used to be a beauty queen

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Not only famous as the wife of Donnie Yen, former Miss Uong Thi Thi also comes from a rich and prestigious family.

Donnie Yen is one of Asia's leading martial arts stars, famous on the screen with fiery punches and powerful kicks.

In addition, when it comes to the richest and most powerful families in Chinese showbiz, it is impossible not to mention the family of actor Donnie Yen. Because, not only is the son of a well-off family, never lacks material resources since childhood, Donnie Yen is also married to his wife Uong Thi Thi - the eldest daughter of the famous "diamond king". overseas Chinese in Canada.

Uong Thi Thi can speak 6 languages fluently. Not only that, she also has excellent dancing and piano skills. The beauty also tried in many beauty contests and won the crown of Miss Overseas Chinese in Toronto (Canada).

Uong Thi Thi - Donnie Yen's 18-year-old wife: Daughter of "diamond king", highly educated, used to be a beauty queen - Photo 1

Donnie Yen confessed to falling in love with Uong Thi Thi at first sight. "The first week of knowing each other, we were dating every day. In the second week, I always had a strong thought that I wanted to marry this g.irl," Donnie Yen said.

The actor experienced a failed marriage, so he never thought about getting married. However, since meeting the g.irl who is 18 years younger than him, his heart has fluttered again and the desire to get married in addition to his passion for art.

Uong Thi Thi recounted that her parents used to have no sympathy for Donnie Yen, partly because of the age gap between the two, partly because he once had a wife, and was active in the entertainment industry with many markets.

"My parents thought that he was not sincere with me because I was too young at that time. My parents also believed that marriage is an important matter that needs time to learn carefully. At that time, I was not fluent in the language. Guangdong, I don't really understand his background, but when I'm with him, I feel safe," the Chinese-Canadian beauty shared.

Uong Thi Thi - Donnie Yen's 18-year-old wife: Daughter of "diamond king", highly educated, used to be a beauty queen - Photo 2

Donnie Yen proved his sincerity by going to Canada to meet Uong Thi Thi's parents to ask for a wedding. In 2003, they got married, after three months of knowing.

After marrying Donnie Yen, she retired to take care of the family and help her husband with the business. On her personal page, beautiful people often share happy family photos.

Donnie Yen herself also confessed: "Thanks to her, I began to appreciate the beautiful things in life. With Thi Thi, my life became more interesting and romantic".

On December 23, Donnie Yen's wife shared a photo with her husband at an event. Thanks to her height of 181cm and long flowing hair, Uong Thi Thi still looks very young and attractive even though she has turned 40. In the moments taken together, the couple is very affectionate and beautiful even though Uong Thi Thi is tall. than "husband" Donnie Yen.

Uong Thi Thi - Donnie Yen's 18-year-old wife: Daughter of "diamond king", highly educated, used to be a beauty queen - Photo 3

Donnie Yen and her husband are not only life partners but also great partners in business. They are very "cool" in the field of real estate, holding many buildings and villas valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Both have the richest life in Chinese showbiz. The couple Uong Thi Thi and Donnie Yen live in an apartment worth more than 17 million USD with full facilities such as gym, swimming pool, cinema room... They travel all over the world together.

Apple daily commented: "While celebrity couples usually only one of them makes m.oney, it is different with Donnie Yen and her husband. Both are actively making m.oney from many sources. They have a wide relationship. everywhere with billionaires and tycoons in the homeland".

At the age of U60, Donnie Yen still retains the charm of a famous Chinese martial arts star. Although he no longer plays too many films due to his age, Donnie Yen still receives a respectable salary from advertising, brand representatives and film rights. Meanwhile, Uong Thi Thi is famous in the investment real estate business.

The actor, surnamed Chan, humbly said that he only knew how to act in movies, but everything in the family and the management of the couple's company was decided by "wife" Uong Thi Thi. "So far, she has helped me make important decisions in both work and life," said Donnie Yen.

Before marrying Uong Thi Thi, Donnie Yen was married and had a son with his first wife.

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