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Lan Ngoc has a big problem after Puka wedding - Gin Tuan Kiet, may be absent from the wedding in HCMC?

Nhật Hân16:44:19 06/11/2023
The wedding ceremony of Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet held in Khanh Hoa ended with difficult performances from the Vbiz stars. However, Lan Yue among them encountered a tribulation that worried fans.

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Phan Dat: Phuong Lan's 10-point-zero lover received enough "criticism" for flattering Tran Thanh

Huỳnh Phúc11:22:24 16/10/2023
The young actor is known for his fairy tale love story with actress Xuan Lan. Besides, he was once entangled in the controversy surrounding comedian Tran Thanh's multi-theater drama.

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Lan Ngoc was slammed for r.evealing a strange "attitude" when he met Chi Pu at 1 event, what did insiders say?

Bảo Tiên14:47:27 03/10/2023
Recently, netizens have sharply seen a series of strange expressions of Lan Ngoc when meeting with billion Chi Pu in 1 event. Soon after, the actress spoke out about her move.

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Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves

An Nhi10:13:42 18/10/2022
As one of the artists who did not hesitate to respond to antifan, recently, Tuan Hung frankly scolded netizens when this person talked about him with impolite words. A few hours ago, on his personal page, Tuan Hung shared a post at a wedding. Then, below the comment, someone...

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Nathan Lee appeared on the homepage of the brand "intestine" Kendall Jenner, Ngoc Trinh was immediately called out

An Nhi09:48:14 07/10/2022
Nathan Lee is one of Vbiz's "turbulent" names. The male singer's every move always attracts the attention of the public. Accordingly, Nathan Lee continues to surprise netizens with the move to " o.ff" the new MV. Recently, netizens were stirred by the move to " o.ff"...

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Gin Tuan Kiet - "Male God" has a lackluster career, noticed by rumors of love with Puka

An Nhi16:49:21 07/06/2022
Despite possessing outstanding appearance and multi-talented, Gin Tuan Kiet has not really been successful in music and movies. Accordingly, the guy was only known to many people when he was caught up in rumors of dating Puka. Gin Tuan Kiet is not only a male singer and actor...

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Miu Le - From a multi-talented artist to an underground giant of Vbiz and extravagant scandals in the past

An Nhi12:43:00 07/06/2022
Miu Le is not a strange name to the public, she is said to be multi-talented because she can balance both music and movies. In addition, she also makes many people jealous by her luxurious life. Miu Le is a popular singer and actress. There are not many talented people in the...

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Huyen Lizzie and the beauties with the same name: You are a diamond giant who broke up your marriage

An Nhi15:40:43 04/06/2022
They are all actresses who own the famous beautiful beauty of Vbiz, but the beauty association named Huyen, who is covering this "golden" hour of VFC, has a private life contrary to its own turns. Movies that are occupying VFC's golden hour wave such as Thuong The Sunny Day...

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Cat Phuong was attacked by anti-fans after the breakup, Kieu Minh Tuan immediately took action to "retaliate"

An Nhi10:20:02 04/06/2022
Cat Phuong's response is considered intelligent and sophisticated. Accordingly, the actress chose to focus on enjoying life and ignore unnecessary noise on social networks

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Min - Female dancer "transformed" into a talented singer and dating rumors 11 years younger than 16 years old rapper Typh

An Nhi11:16:05 01/06/2022
Min is a famous 8x female singer with hit songs like Yes I'm waiting, Don't love anymore, I'm tired, Jealous, You're the one I love... She is loved by the audience thanks to her pure and talented private life. ability in music. Min possesses a sweet, emotional voice that is...

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Anh Tu - The Voice runner-up with a powerful voice and a rumored love story with singer Ly Ly

An Nhi11:02:49 26/05/2022
Recently, Anh Tu has become more and more popular with the audience after appearing in the program "Stars to join the army 2022. Therefore, the information about this handsome singer immediately attracted attention. of netizens. Anh Tu (The Voice) full name is Nguyen Anh Tu, the...

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Thuy Chi - Once stopped her career because she was criticized for her bad live singing, becoming more and more changeable in appearance

An Nhi11:48:00 08/05/2022
Thuy Chi is loved by many people thanks to her clean private life and her dedication to the arts. Thuy Chi is a singer who grew up in a family with artistic tradition, she emerged from the trend of "network singer". She is praised as a singer with a very good voice: high, sweet...

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Bui Anh Tuan - Vbiz's "Love Song Prince" and a series of noisy love affairs with cult beauties

An Nhi10:31:44 08/05/2022
Bui Anh Tuan has a rare high-pitched male voice in Vietnamese showbiz and a huge fan base. Bui Anh Tuan is known when he won the first prize of the Coca-Cola Music A.ward and the Voice of Television in 2011. However, the name Bui Anh Tuan was only really noticed thanks to The...

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Thanh Ngoc - How does a talented singer who was once desperate because she had no children now live?

An Nhi12:41:28 05/05/2022
Once a member of the famous group Mat Ngoc, Thanh Ngoc's life now makes many viewers curious. Thanh Ngoc fell in love with art from a very early age, she has many musical achievements since childhood. In 1988, she debuted with Quynh Anh, Thuy Nga and Du Uyen as a member of the...

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Pham Quynh Anh comfortably took her boyfriend to eat with her family amid rumors of pregnancy?

An Nhi11:19:46 05/05/2022
The information surrounding Pham Quynh Anh's love life is attracting the attention of netizens. After admitting to having a "small joy", Pham Quynh Anh was repeatedly caught by a "crosswalker team" appearing in love with a man. In particular, recently, the mother of two children...

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Truong Minh Quoc Thai - "The male god" once had a strange marriage, how does he live now?

An Nhi12:43:33 26/04/2022
Truong Minh Quoc Thai is a name that is no stranger to Vietnamese movie lovers. Truong Minh Quoc Thai is known as a real actor of the small screen through his roles in films such as The Weak Woman, Huong Phu Sa, Under the Flag Dai Nghia, ... which are very popular with the...

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Gil Le - The most handsome tom b.oy in Vbiz and a secret love story with Chi Pu, Hoang Thuy Linh

An Nhi10:57:02 26/04/2022
As one of the artists with a clean private life, he rarely gets into scandals, so Gil Le has a huge fan base. In Vietnamese showbiz, each artist has a unique style of dressing, but there are not many tomboy images, in which singer Gil Le with a very attractive "non-gender"...

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Lam Vy Da shocked when she revealed that she was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer

An Nhi10:01:46 26/04/2022
Lam Vy Da's recent share on a TV program surprised many people. After many years of artistic activities, Lam Vy Da now has a certain place in the Vietnamese entertainment industry and is very expensive in entertainment shows. The actress often gives the audience "laughs" by her...

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Chi Pu "played big" printed 4 thousand antifan comments, what is the content that everyone laughs when listening?

An Nhi18:28:51 23/04/2022
Instead of ignoring it, Chi Pu chose to face negative comments from antifan as motivation to try. On the evening of April 22, the first episode of Street Dance Vietnam was officially broadcast in anticipation of the audience. As the program is copyrighted from the extremely h.ot...

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Quang Minh - A comedian loved by the audience and a regretful broken marriage with Hong Dao

An Nhi11:46:22 23/04/2022
Until now, many people still cannot help but regret the marriage of Quang Minh and Hong Dao. Quang Minh is a familiar theater actor and performer on the stage centers of Van Son, Thuy Nga, Asia... he has also appeared in many famous films such as: You are not yet 18, Let me be a...

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Oc Thanh Van - A multi-talented female artist and a strong marriage for more than a decade with her first love

An Nhi10:52:26 23/04/2022
Not only has a successful career, Oc Thanh Van is also a full-fledged female artist with a happy marriage. Thanh Van snail whose real name is Pham Thi Thanh Van, in addition to being known as an actress - a rare multi-talented MC of Showbiz Viet, she not only shines in the...

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Ngoc Lan revealed for the first time that she had calculated carefully before divorcing Thanh Binh

Thảo12:35:13 04/04/2022
Ngoc Lan and Thanh Binh are one of the sad broken couples in Vietnamese showbiz. Before announcing the divorce, the two revealed many broken hints, but the couple did not confirm or clarify. By mid-November 2019, Ngoc Lan and Thanh Binh simultaneously wrote a public letter that...

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Hien Ho and famous stars of the same age: People who say no to scandals, people are flooded with their heads

Nắng08:21:18 26/03/2022
The common point of these stars is that they all have a huge fortune and successful careers. In Vietnamese showbiz, there are many stars born in 1997 such as Hien Ho, Jack, Erik,... They all have successful careers and great assets when they are still quite young. In terms of...

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Tran Thanh, Huong Giang were also "canceled the show" because of the scandal to the point of trouble, but only Hien Ho?

Huỳnh Như10:54:49 24/03/2022
With the recent "reliance on giants" scandal, Hien Ho is said to have been canceled the show to the point of misery, but many A-list stars Vbiz are not very good when they encounter similar cases. Bringing beautiful images will help artists receive many invitations from programs...

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