Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing

NắngOct 06, 2023 at 14:58

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This time, the audience suddenly erupted when Cecilia Zhang was said to have terminal cancer. In addition, she also revealed that her son was taken away by her ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong, while the 3rd c.hild was left without anyone to care for and control.

Cecilia Zhang has always been a famous person in the Chinese-language entertainment industry, her acting ability as well as appearance are always noticed. However, recent reports have raised concerns about her health. The fact that Zhang Cezhi is said to have terminal cancer makes people confused.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 1

Earlier, it was reported that Zhang Cezhi had made his illness public through the social network weibo and video. The actress said she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Cecilia Zhang didn't want her fans and family to worry, as well as her children's loss of their mother, so she tried treatment.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 2

In addition to the problem of cancer, Cecilia Zhang also faced family problems. She revealed her son was taken away by her ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong, while her third son was left without care and control. The news immediately caused an uproar.

Xie Tingfeng quickly responded to the accusation. The singer said after learning that his ex-wife had cancer, he did not contact her directly but instead applied to the court for custody of his three children through his lawyer. Ta Dinh Phong claimed that Cecilia Zhang could not take care of the children due to physical reasons. As the father of the children, he also has the obligation and ability to provide the children with a better living environment and educational conditions. Ta Dinh Phong expressed her willingness to pay for Cecilia Zhang's medical expenses and provide her with emotional support.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 3

Some people believe that Ta Dinh Phong is a responsible father, he considered that Cecilia Zhang could not take care of his children, so he took the initiative to raise them. He did not deprive Zhang Cezhi of his right to meet his children, but gave them more options and freedom.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 4

However, others consider Xie Dinh Phong to be c.old-blooded and selfish, who took advantage of the loophole to steal his son from Zhang Cezhi. They believe that the singer does not really care about Zhang Cezhi's condition but wants to get rid of her and pursue a new life. Currently, the two sides have not provided any explanation for the incident.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Cecilia Zhang was praised by the media as a "national color of heaven" or a picturesque beauty. Her face is harmoniously assessed, her teeth are white, her eyebrows are delicate.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 5

The beauty surnamed Zhang exudes a pure, gentle, charming temperament. Cecilia's clear eyes and pretty mouth seemed to attract the other person's gaze.

Thanks to her pretty appearance, the actress was invited to act in commercials, as a photo model in the early stages. After that, she quickly became a phenomenon of the entertainment industry of her native country.

Not only possessing a pretty and sweet appearance, the actress is also a star with real talent. Zhang Cezhi's career flashed when she caught the eye of "comedy king" Zhou Jingchi. The actress was assigned by him to the role of Willow Adventure in the hit film The King of Comedy.

The role of the strong young g.irl Adventure quickly won the support of fans. The excellent performance helped Cecilia "one step into stardom" while The King of Comedy has also been ranked among the favorite works of Hong Kong cinema for many years.

After that, she continued to affirm her acting ability through Lion Ha Dong, Cat loves mice... In 2005, she decided to get on a flower car with actor Ta Dinh Phong and stopped acting from there. The Jade Maiden of the port gave birth to 2 sons.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 6

In 2012, Cecilia Truong finalized her divorce from Ta Dinh Phong and won custody of her two sons. In 2018, the actress gave birth to a third son but did not r.eveal the identity of the c.hild's biological father.

Currently, Zhang Cezhi has passed the age of four weeks but still maintains a charming appearance. Her slender, well-proportioned physique, delicate face is still maintained by the mother of three thanks to a serious exercise regime.

After the divorce, Cecilia Zhang admitted to facing psychological s.hock and a decline in her career. She stopped working for a while, spent time caring for her children and avoided the media.

In recent years, she began a strong revival. The actress focused on developing in the mainland TV show segment and was supported by fans.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 7

On her personal page, in addition to work-related photos, she often posts pictures of her 3 sons, outings with friends or hard work to keep in shape. Zhang's optimistic and independent lifestyle makes her an ideal role model for single mothers in China.

Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing - Photo 8

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