Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na "physically affects" fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly

Ngọc SaJul 25, 2023 at 13:31

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Recently, the social network suddenly spread a clip recording the moment when singer Truong Kiet's assistant acted rudely to the audience at the airport. This action made fans angry, leading to lively discussion.

Specifically, according to the clip spread online, an audience accidentally recognized singer Truong Kiet at the airport, so he picked up the phone to record his appearance. However, when seeing the camera, the male singer's assistant suddenly approached, had a rough act of "physical impact", and then left. The owner of the clip at that time was shocked and a little shocked.

Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na physically affects fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly - Photo 1

Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na physically affects fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly - Photo 2

This action of assistant Truong Kiet caused the audience and fans of the male singer to be disgruntled and erupted in two fierce controversies.

Besides sympathetic comments, saying that the assistant's behavior was a deterrent move to protect the privacy of Truong Kiet, the majority of the audience thought that this was unacceptable.

Many people think that, if this assistant is polite - he can gently say that singer Truong Kiet does not want to film. Just like that, fans can sympathize and stop recording. Currently, the southern singer Truong Kiet has not officially spoken about this issue.

Truong Kiet is sought after by many people because he is a famous male pop singer in Cbiz. Starting with nothing, but with his own strength, he has gradually progressed to a high position, making many people dream.

Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na physically affects fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly - Photo 3

Currently, when it comes to Truong Kiet, people will immediately think of the name "the king of soundtracks" because he is the one who performs many popular Chinese-language soundtrack songs such as: "Together for life", "Three births, three decades, peach blossom", "Co sword period"...

In addition to his talent in the field of music, Truong Kiet also made many people admire with his enduring love for more than a decade with the national MC Ta Na.

It is known that Truong Kiet and Ta Na publicly dated in 2007. Loved each other for 4 years, both held a wedding in 2011. At that time, Truong Kiet was still just a young singer and Ta Na was a famous MC of Hunan TV station. The love of two people was stoned and doubted by many people. Many people believe that Truong Kiet borrowed Ta Na's reputation to develop his career as a singer.

According to Truong Kiet, even though he was married and gave birth to children, he still received many cons. The male singer was initially sad and heartbroken, but he didn't want to speak up or respond for fear that his wife would be upset.

Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na physically affects fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly - Photo 4

After all, the couple proved their sincere feelings. On the occasion of the 10th marriage anniversary, Truong Kiet posted a happy moment with his wife Ta Na: "From 2011 to 2021, 10 years of holding hands moving forward. Love is still here, continue 10 more times, love you!".

In a program, Truong Kiet once said: "Actually, a lot of people think badly of me and my wife. Rather, they think that Truong Kiet has some purpose with this marriage. Can I have any purpose? My purpose is to give my full love to her."

The voice of the singer born in 1982 moved everyone. On social networks, many netizens praised him as a responsible man, well behaved. Meanwhile, MC Ta Na's wife also shared on her personal page the sharing sentence on the same heart icon.

However, the two were also rumored to break up many times. In early 2017, Ta Na and Truong Kiet suddenly deleted all relevant information and images on social networks, sparking rumors about the two going their separate ways. However, in September, Truong Kiet suddenly revealed that his wife was pregnant with twins.

Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na physically affects fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly - Photo 5

In 2019, once again, rumors of both divorce spread when a blogger said that Ta Na divorced because Truong Kiet had an affair with Dang Tu Ky. The two were also caught going to the civil service bureau in a bad mood.

However, after that, Ta Na's move to support Truong Kiet's new song and call him by the nickname "Anh Kiet" calmed fans and eased their anxiety.

After many years together, Ta Na and Truong Kiet's love is still as perfect as the first day. Their love and unity is considered an example of cohesion and admiration in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na physically affects fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly - Photo 6

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